Digital Galiyara’s new way of working, Permanently moved to work from home environment

Digital Galiyara as permanently moved to work from home environment post-Covid Pandemic. Change from our company for the well being of our beloved employees.

Online PR News – 07-July-2020 – Noida – Let’s give digitalisation a new height and connect more to online working procedures. This will save the mental and physical health of the people. We say so because the working schedule nowadays has effectively ruined the eating and sleeping habit of employees. In an unpopular note, this will also save fuel and body energy. Also, this will help the country to overcome this pandemic rapidly.

We are really glad to confirm that Digital Galiyara ( OPC ) Private Limited has decided to shift onto the virtual platform for work. This is a permanent and appreciative change from our company for the well being of our beloved employees. We want everyone to be safe and secure. Also, work from home will give you the privilege to enjoy your personal life more. You will be capable of investing proper time in the family. This will reduce the modern disturbing troubles in personal life due to overwork and work pressure. This will not just save your time but also help you to be more creative. The time that was unnecessarily being wasted on daily travel and rents will be your extra wings.

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Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Founder of Digital Galiyara said “In the upcoming day, many people will suffer through financial and mental problems. The job crisis has already started sneaking through the peaks. It’s been a really long time since this pandemic has hit hard into our lives. Many countries have done well to combat it and some are still trying to get out of this deadly phase. India has still not won the game and we have a long way to go. People are suffering a lot here due to COVID-19 pandemic. This is going to affect people from middle-class families and lower-income groups. Even if the opening of industries have initiated but the virus is still here. This is very risky to work outside and people are not in the habit of continuous precautions. Life after coronavirus wouldn’t be the same either. One will have to follow the instructions very carefully. You will always have to be ready for quarantine and quick treatments. We understand that there are some fields that require the physical presence of the employees. Still, there are so many jobs that can be evenly managed at work from home schedule.”

This is the new way of working for modern and healthy India. Our several websites like, and are waiting for the positive response and mass engagement from all of you. Be safe and help others to be secure too. This is a sensitive time which needs collective support to cross.

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