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OdooExpress worked on a cloud-based software solution for a long time, and finally, got success and built a great online business management

Online PR News – 07-July-2020 – Durham – A cloud-based ERP software for small businesses

OdooExpress worked on a cloud-based software solution for a long time, and finally, got success and built a great online business management software for small to medium-sized companies. Odoo Community Online is a business management platform that has strong features and functionalities. It can help every size of the organization. It has various applications such as CRM, Sales, Manufacturing, Purchase, Vendor, Inventory, E-commerce, Accounting, and many more. All these apps are integrated with each other to streamline the entire business workflow to make every process seamless.

Now, you all must be thinking having an Odoo community online will really benefit you or not. And how an integrated system will help you? The answer is, yes Odoo community online will help you to achieve all your objectives whether it is long term or short term in a very effective and smart way. An integrated software can help you to save time as well as extra cost. Which allows you to spend your saved time and money on other core business processes or activities.

Furthermore, this software is customizable, you can have this system customized as per your business requirements. OdooExpress has a great team of developers that can develop, customize, and integrate the solution. Also, you can integrate this software with third-party applications to make your business flow smooth and seamless. This online business management software can lift the burden of operations. Further, it enables you to streamline, organize, and integrate your core business processes.

There is plenty of other ERP software, such as SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Netsuite, and more. But Odoo is different from others because it is an open-source system that can be a perfect fit for every size of organization. Also, it is not expensive software like other proprietary ERP solutions. Odoo is a very cost-effective ERP system and small businesses can use it easily.

Odoo express offers various services along with the solution such as dedicated server hosting, customization, email support, etc. Also, you will get the OCA Addons to handle various business activities. With the mobile apps, you can keep your business processes and functions managed from any location, at any time with any device. Furthermore, Odoo community online allows you to use unlimited business apps without restrictions.

This easy to use, affordable, modular, and customizable software can be deployed for all size of businesses without any hassles. Besides, all the features, functionalities, and other notable things of OdooExpress's Odoo community online, there are other things small companies need to consider, such as:

Budget-friendly software –

If you are a small company owner and in your growing phase, then cost is the most essential element to consider at the time of implementing a software solution. With this in mind, OdooExpress offers an ERP system that is really affordable and it is a perfect fit for small companies. Save your cost by investing in an affordable ERP solution that surely helps you to obtain more revenue.

Cover all functional needs –

Odoo community online has all the business apps that cover every functional requirement and every business aspect. From sales, purchase, and CRM to inventory, accounting, and HRM, it keeps every process well-managed. Manage and control all the basic operations. Due to its modular structure, you can only use one or two modules at a time and add more when required. At the growing phase, you will need more applications.

Flexible and scalable –

This highly flexible ERP software is very beneficial for growing companies as well as large organizations. It is customizable and you can customize it as per the business requirements. As it covers current as well as future requirements of the business. This means while expanding the business you do not have to worry. Odoo community online will help you to manage everything.