ASA Insurance Warns Utah Motorists About Spring Weather Safety

The insurance provider offers critical information for Utah drivers

Online PR News – 07-July-2020 – Salt Lake City, UT – One of the leading providers of car insurance in Salt Lake City has shared critical information to keep Utah drivers safe on the roads during spring weather.

With spring well on its way, more dangers exist for motorists out on the highways. As snow melts and spring rains come, the dangers of wet pavement become a reality. ASA Insurance is providing warnings to protect motorists who have auto insurance in Salt Lake City.

When traveling it’s important to pull off the road and wait out any weather you’re not comfortable driving in

One of the biggest risks for motorists on wet pavement is hydroplaning. This occurs where water builds up around the tires. The vehicle loses traction and stops responding to the driver's directions to stop or turn. Many people become frightened when they start hydroplaning and forget what to do. They should never slam on the brakes, but instead, turn the same direction the vehicle is going and ease up on the brakes. This helps the vehicle stop so they can get back in control.

Driving through high water is another danger for motorists, especially during spring. Drivers could miscalculate how high the water is and think that they can make it through. It’s advised to never attempt to drive through water that’s more than a few inches deep. Additionally, never drive through water at night, because it can be difficult to gauge the actual height. Don't drive through water that’s moving, because the motion adds power and can easily sweep your vehicle away.

If you’re caught in your car in a flood, leave your car immediately. Water can rise quickly, so even a few moments of delay can be life-threatening. If you can’t open the door, climb out through the window.

Depending on where you’re driving, you may need to be concerned about thunderstorms that bring hail or even tornadoes. While Utah has fewer tornadoes each year than many other parts of the country, it’s still something to be aware of if you are traveling a distance. If you’ve never seen one or been around tornadoes, you may not be prepared. "When traveling, it’s important to pull off the road and wait out any weather you’re not comfortable driving in," says Creed Anderson of ASA Insurance, auto insurance in Salt Lake City. "You may not be prepared to handle it and put your life in danger."

Utah residents are no strangers to the impacts of straight winds that reach 70 miles per hour. In those conditions, it’s almost impossible to drive, and it’s not safe to attempt it. Cars are easily blown off the road — even large trucks and SUVs. Any time you begin having difficulty keeping your car in line on the road or you need a strong grip on the wheel, it’s a good idea to find a safe place to stop and wait out the storm.

Even if you feel safe enough to drive through hazardous conditions, realize that the damage your vehicle will sustain is likely to be higher if it’s moving. Higher speeds equal more damage and can even cause injury to you and your passengers. It’s always better to be smart and play it safe even, if it means arriving at your destination later.

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