Virginia Man Makes Telemarketer Pay Up $20,000 For Illegal Call, Then Tells Public His Secret
07/06/2020 is a legal self-help solution that teaches the American public how to make money from answering illegal telemarketing calls.

Online PR News – 06-July-2020 – Winchester, VA – Truecaller, a Swedish company that keeps track of spam calls found robocalls in the U.S. increased by 35% in the last year, despite the four major service providers offering tools to block unwanted calls and identify potential scams.

One Virginia man had enough and decided to take the law into his own hands.

“What the vast majority of Americans don’t realize is that each illegal telemarketing call that you get can net you $500, $1,500, or more,” said Beau Correll, a Virginia attorney.

Correll is referring to when telemarketers call or text your cell phone without your permission, which may be a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Illegal calls can also amount to violations of the federal Do-Not-Call Registry and state consumer protection laws.

The scammers have seemingly gotten worse during the Coronavirus pandemic as they have pretended to be from the Social Security Administration, offering fake Coronavirus tests to Medicare recipients, and scaring small businesses into buying bogus online listing services.

Correll decided to teach the public his secrets on turning the robocalls into money, so he launched – a legal “self-help” program to assist the public in combating the calls.

“Most of these companies would rather cut you a check then be faced with a potential lawsuit.” Correll stated. “This may be perfect for folks that could use some side income during these trying times.”

Correll’s Robocall Money System includes a “how-to” book, “hand-holding” video tutorials, a template demand letter to send to the illegal marketers, and a year membership to a private group of members that share strategy, tips, and success stories.

“If you have access to a stamp and an envelope, it’s easier than you could imagine to get them to pay up,” Correll reminded.

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