New Audiobook Release: "Daemon Rising" by John William

Exceptionally talented voice actor Adam Gold takes John William's debut fantasy duology to another level with the release of Daemon Rising in audiobook format!

Online PR News – 04-July-2020 – Jackson, MS – Daemon Rising is now available in audiobook format! Please visit for more information, including links to reviews, audiobook samples, etc.

Editorial Review:
"The plot is complex and extensive, but the quality of the writing is what makes this novel truly special. John William follows in the proud tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Terry Goodkind, and Robert Jordan. Each sentence on every page has been carefully crafted with a distinct purpose. The read is a fast-moving pleasure, because the language is clean, powerful and, at times, even profound. If you are a reader seeking an easy escape, this is a good choice, but for discerning fantasy readers who want a side of brilliance with their bloodshed, this is the ideal pick for your next adventure." Self-Publishing Review, 5 stars

Ramfiram begins the story of Imlod Nir, an apprentice necromancer struggling to accept the role of hunter/assassin under his godlike sister's yoke. Readers of Book 1 will note the initial dark, introspective feel of the novel as Imlod navigates in mind, body, and spirit through scenes dealing with lost family, blind devotion, and impending fatherhood: a path leading ultimately to reinvention...and revenge.

DoomBringer introduces a fresh cast of characters and setting, seeming to break away from Book 1 to begin a new tale of its own. As events unfold, however, the reader will discover clues linking the two books together through a shared origin story--and at DoomBringer's conclusion, the separate plotlines suddenly converge. Readers of Book 2 will likely notice the influence of Homer's Iliad and identify DoomBringer's protagonist, Dragan Saedus, with Achilles. Epic battles filled with larger-than-life figures are bridged by scenes of intrigue, loyalty, and romance as Dragan mirrors Imlod Nir's ascension from a leashed servant to the master of his own fate.