Protest Sign turns into Shield to Protect Against Police Voilence

Local protester designs a protest sign that turns into a shield. In the video provided it stops a bean bag round.

Online PR News – 03-July-2020 – Minneapolis MN – MirrorMask LLC.
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New Product Stops Police Cold

Fargo, ND - The new civil rights movement is happening right now, sparked by the murder of George Floyd. In response, the police have met these protesters with aggression, tear gas, and military grade force. To help stop the bloody injuries the protesters receive, one Fargo protester started “MirrorMask,” a small company dedicated equipping people with the defensive tools to stop these injustices.

Already, MirrorMask has developed a protest sign that converts to a shield and has the potential to stop non-lethal rounds. The company founder, Arthur, even put his design to the test by standing behind his shield while under non-lethal fire. The new company is using crowdfunding on Kickstarter to get its sign and shield known, and is starting to see some support.

“I just got sick of watching people losing eyes on camera,” said Arthur. “What the police are doing is just horrible and this is the most peaceful response I can come up with.”

The new idea features a video of Arthur stopping a non-lethal bean bag with his invention. In the video, Arthur transforms his invention from a protesters sign into a wearable shield and braces as a masked individual with a shotgun shoots a bean bag round at his head, which the shield stops cold. Arthur then shows the camera where the shield stopped the non-lethal round and the type of munition fired at him. The video can be viewed at the following web address, along with the methods of distribution:

Reporters themselves have not been exempt from the police violence, and have even found themselves the very targets of aggression for simply trying to record the actions that the police have been perpetrating in this past month. Wearing press credentials can simply mark you as a target, and a CNN reporter has even been arrested on live TV.

Arthur does have a strong opinion on the protests. To quote: “The damage and scars that have been created by unjust law enforcement are horrible, but the hospital bills are always something that people tend to forget about from these injuries, right up until they get the bill. If more people had these signs, and they can at a $50 price tag, we are quite sure everyone out protesting would feel significantly safer.”

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