O2b Technologies emerges as a top SCM software provider company

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Online PR News – 30-June-2020 – Noida – As per the internal survey conducted in June 2020, O2b Technologies has emerged as a top SCM software provider company among its competitors, it becomes the first choice of mid-sized retailers, distributors, wholesalers, as well as manufacturers. In survey. The emergence of the supply chain management system has enhanced the supply chain visibility which helps SMEs to accelerate the business growth. From the material procurement to the final delivery of the goods, this software helps businesses to make crucial decisions about business strategies so that they can adopt cost-effective measures and improve operational efficiency. O2b Technologies SCM software has improved employee productivity, advanced warehouse space utilization, as well as minimized total operational costs. With the assistance of this software, medium scale businesses reduce the efforts and enhance the efficiency of the business. All things considered, this SCM software is popular among mid-sized companies.

Supply chain management software enables you to manage and control the complexities of the modern-day supply chain. In the era of cut-throat competition and globalization, the supply chains are getting complex. This is why the top-notch SCM solutions are the only way to keep up with this business environment. Furthermore, manage suppliers, orders received/completed, products, product types & variants, inventory, warehouse, shipping, and more. You can reduce the complexity using the SCM system while saving time and extra costs. O2b has researched various industries and every size of businesses thoroughly and understand the needs. All things considered, after the detailed research they have developed a world-class SCM software that perfectly matches with every requirement of mid-scale businesses.

They have used advanced technologies that automate the key functions of the supply chain and saves a lot of time so that companies can focus on other things rather than spending the time on repetitive and tedious tasks. It improves the overall performance of procurement, inventory, as well as warehouse which will result in getting the batter demand forecast accuracy. Furthermore, keep all of your data in a centralized system and ner miss any information. It makes the whole business management effective and efficient.

O2b Technologies offers a complete solution for procurement and supply chain management in the cloud. By integrating all the functional apps and modules, they have made supply chain management seamless and smooth. Moreover, it streamlines the entire supply chain right from the beginning, from creating RfQs, sending purchase orders, tracking supplier's performance, manufacturing, production scheduling, inventory control, stock level management, managing logistics, shipping, and more.

How supply chain management software helps businesses?

Improved Manufacturing Management
With improved monitoring and planning of manufacturing processes, any business can achieve its objective easily. With this in mind, most of the companies are using the SCM system. Handle every process, from material procurement, purchase order management, production scheduling, warehouse management, inventory control, and shipping. Enhanced visibility across an organization's supply chain allows them to make informed decisions and gives the full and clear insight into the operations.

Order processing
One of the most critical aspects of the supply chain management process is order processing. An SCM system offers faster order processing than ever before. With the strong order processing functionality make order-related activities seamless and fast. Improvement in the order processing will result in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Warehouse and Inventory Management
Maintain a precise level of operations control in the warehouse and manage your stock level. The availability of items in the warehouse in the right quantity is one of the main concerns of every distribution, manufacturing, and retail industry. All things considered, this system can handle all the facets of warehouse-like materials, labor, floor space, and more. Make day-to-day warehouse operations more effective. Keep all of the inventory data updated and keep track of every item in the warehouse. Make storage optimization, labor management, inbound processing, and outbound processing excellent.
Logistics and Shipping Management
With improved logistics management and shipping services, you can make the delivery of products on time and it further enhances customer satisfaction. It may also result in building customer loyalty. With the faster delivery, you will be able to deliver the products to the customers in the given time frame.

Return Management
Also, one of the advanced features of this system is better returns management. It enhances the customer experience. Now, your customers can easily process the product returns in case of any defect or wrong product delivery.

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