Getting ZERO electricity bill: The coolest choice this 2020

The pandemic taught us to invest on things that are for long-term. Converting and investing into using solar panels may be the coolest choice you do this year.

Online PR News – 30-June-2020 – Makati City, Metro Manila – The demand and cost of electricity as days, months and years passed has been very visible for everyone. Now that people are encourage to stay at home because of the pandemic, COVID-19, it is inevitable that we spend more because of the heat and boredom that we feel. Thus, leads to a huge strain on our electricity bill.

On the other hand, a bigger problem arises. Because of the lockdown and the #NewNormal, a lot of businesses are urged to dismiss a couple of employees since there is no revenue coming in. This affected the lifestyle of everyone. Now the question is, what is the best decision we could do in order for us to save up during this crisis?

The new normal
Solar is now a new normal. When you have a solar on your roof, there is no limitation to your power consumption. You can stay and enjoy watching your favorite Netflix shows without worries.

This year, 2020, is about clean, safe and renewable- in other words, solar. A clean break from the traditional source of energy is much needed. This is done when the sunlight hits the solar panels that are installed on your roof. Though people may argue that the cost of having a solar panel is more expensive than registering another electricity meter for your home, you should also put into your mind the long-term advantage of using solar panels. The return of investment in a typical solar system is around 3-5 years with a 25-year power output guarantee- more energy you harvest means more savings for you.

The science behind it
If you are wondering, how solar panels can be beneficial for everyone, the solar energy in the panels is converted using a solar inverter (which acts as the brain or engine of the solar system). This inverter converts the energy into electricity that the household uses. You should not worry about its connection to the main panel as everything is automatic and synchronized. Good news! Products from our company, Solaric, can be monitored using an app whereas you can see the real-time data of these panels at any given time. Very user-friendly, right?

Converting into solar
I’m pretty sure you have seen or heard about the complaints that became viral on social media coming from the Filipinos regarding the unreasonable increase on their electricity bill. The electricity distributor, however, argue that the changes is caused by the fact that people are spending more time at home.
Now, have you also heard about the ZeroBill mania? Let me tell you this- It is not a legend nor a myth. It is true and you can experience that too. Maximizing your space by installing a lot of solar panels, and combining the Net Metering program plus the Peak Off program, there is a high possibility that it will generate more power than how much your household consume. This can be visible especially if you use your appliances (for example) during peak sun hours.

The excess power will then be transmitted back to the grid. This also leads to you, being credited for the surplus. The credits will then equalize your night time and weekend consumption. The end game? Big savings is seen depending on how large you roof can accommodate solar panels.

Now that recession is coming and the pandemic may last for a longer time than expected, it is best that we start investing on things that we usually use in which could also benefit us on a long-term manner like converting into solar.

Turning on the Sun
At Solaric, we can make this happen. Converting into solar may be a norm for some but the benefits it gives you is something worth investing. We could help you determine the best ways in maximizing your return on a hard-earned investment. Different strategies and ways will be given in order for you to achieve your solar goals. We are here not only for business but also to encourage everyone to enable solar-powered lifestyles. Having said that, we want to give endless satisfaction by delivering Solaric Service Satisfaction that ranges from permanent reduction to ultimate Zero bill.