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ONN Bikes is retaining key aspects of our service which remain relevant even today, but we are also offering new services to meet the needs of a new market.

Online PR News – 29-June-2020 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – ONN Bikes: Docked Two-Wheeler Mobility
As 2020 dawned, eight in ten Indians still did not have access to reliable mobility to meet their needs. ONN Bikes, founded in 2016, has been on a mission to ‘Simplify Mobility’ for millions who need affordable, quality mobility solutions. Operating in over nine cities, ONN is a pioneer in the two-wheeler rental and shared mobility space. Anyone can download the ONN app to find ONN Stations nearby from where they can choose from a wide array of ICE bikes or even electric vehicles (bikes & scooters).

Amongst foremost advantages of choosing ONN, are the neighborhood ONN Stations, which ensure an ideal last-mile customer experience by ensuring the service quality and assurances are delivered to all users. By hosting vehicles, helping onboard, and maintaining, clearing and sanitizing all vehicles, all ONN users experience a consistent and high-quality ride experience when they ride with ONN. Users who range from students to working professionals and even delivery agents, all benefit from being able to choose any vehicle they would like for their unique needs, while also having the flexibility of choosing how long they wish to use it as well. All of this with the added advantage of having a neighborhood station and to pick-up a vehicle that is well maintained, serviced, cleaned and charged (in case of electric vehicles) gives users a compelling reason to choose ONN over even the lure of personal ownership.
Preferences: Understanding the Post-COVID Mobility Market
As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, shared mobility startups along with almost all shared-economy businesses took a significant hit. As populations stayed home, mobility across the board ground to a halt and experienced adverse effects of the global lockdown. At the same time, this was also a time for many businesses offering mobility services to adapt to find viable solutions to adapt to the new market. Keeping the users at the center, ONN found itself in a unique position to offer significant value to meet the needs of a more conservative and cautious consumer market.

As markets reopened and partial restrictions were lifted, many commuters found themselves wary of using public transport. User trends are also showing a shift in preference to finding reliable personal mobility. There is evidence that the number of users who are attempting to solve their mobility needs by looking for two-wheelers have shown upward trends. At the same time they’re also seeking out more affordable ownership avenues like loans, and second-hand ownership. Yet the choices before most users seemed to be limited. As millions of people turned away from their previous dependence on alternative transportation modes, they were left with few choices:

1. Two-wheeler ownership, which would tie them into hefty down-payments and EMIs, while also needing credit checks, documentation, maintenance, and taking on additional commitments including insurance and taxes. This isn’t ideal considering the limited financial stability many working professionals are experiencing during what experts agree is an economic downturn.
To expect individual consumers to take on more debt and long-term commitments while the market is dealing with job-losses and consumer spending in most areas has shrunk, makes the appeal of ownership an even more impractical solution for millions.
2. Second-hand/preowned vehicles already account for a large volume of use today, but happen largely with cash-based transactions and operate with a persistent need for the buyer to evaluate the quality of vehicles before being purchased.
Even in this scenario, any consumer today would be hard pressed to have the immediate liquidity needed to purchase the vehicle, but also the added maintenance costs involved with a used vehicle.
3. Ride-sharing and bike taxi services will also be challenging because they’re inherently exposing users into contact with strangers which they would ideally like to avoid. Plus, since these services still haven’t reached critical mass, and are still mostly unpredictable, they also cannot be expected to scale to meet the demands of mass mobility like private two-wheelers are able to solve.

ONN: Offerings for Modern Mobility
The ONN platform allows users to find and use bikes available at various partner-managed ONN Stations using our popular Android & iOS app. For all intents, it is best to see the app as ‘a key to unlock mobility for anyone who needs it.’ The service has always offered multiple options for users to pick how they wanted to solve their mobility needs. Many of these same offerings and values become even more critical and are being reinforced to meet the needs of the post-covid market. For example, bikes are typically offered for hourly and daily use by most providers and this still continues to be part of the ONN service, however it is the extended basket of offerings that make the service more relevant and powerful today.

ONN today offers services for consumers across the following models:
1. Hourly / Daily Bookings: The most popular service that mimics the initial use-case of most users who use shared mobility intermittently, short-term bookings typically account for most bookings with ONN. These continue to see demand as users without vehicles use bikes for errands, and everyday commute needs where they’re not able to predict extended use.
2. Monthly Subscriptions: ONN always allowed users to solve mobility for their everyday needs by picking up our more affordable and convenient monthly booking plans. These plans allow users to experience the same joys of ownership without the added costs of insurance, maintenance, and hefty payments while also offering them the advantages of switching to another bike as per their needs or even flexibly changing their plans to suit the extent of their anticipated use.
This plan was growing in popularity until the lockdown began but has gradually begun picking up again as offices reopen and users are cautiously pick up plans to meet their requirements without getting straddled with down-payments and insurance/maintenance costs (which are included free of cost for all users and are assured by any local ONN Station).
3. Rent-to-Own: A service that has been piloted by ONN in few cities earlier, the relaunched Rent-to-own plan allows users to pick from any of the existing bikes offered by ONN, but without the hassles of extensive documentation, credit checks or even any down-payments. Anyone can almost instantly pick-up any scooter/motorcycle of their choosing and rent it monthly for a chosen term, at the end of which the vehicle ownership is transferred to the user. Plans typically offer either a 12 or 18-month term, allowing users to rent today and own tomorrow.
This plan allows users who are coming into the market to pick-up bikes immediately in a model that is quite similar to second-hand ownership, but with the additional benefits of getting service, quality, insurance and maintenance assurances from ONN Bikes for not just the term duration, but also after the bike ownership is transferred to them.
Also with ONN, the wide choice of vehicles available in the fleet, none carry any ONN branding on them. This just goes to add to the personal sense of pride and ownership that users would expect from their ‘own’ bike.
Safe Ownership: Serving Ownership 2.0
While the markets reopen and users turn to find not just mobility but also the assurances of safe, reliable rides; ONN is poised to serve this demand by offering users what can be considered Ownership 2.0. Which allows users to experience the freedom, independence, and confidence that comes with two-wheeler ownership, but also enjoy the benefits from the extended basket of benefits they experience by being covered by the ONN Station umbrella.

Today, all bikes are being delivered with on-the-spot sanitizations before all deliveries. Where the bike, the handlebars, and all other exposed areas of the bikes are sanitized before being delivered. Bookings and bike rentals over a week even get no-contact free doorstep deliveries to further incentivize consideration and bookings. On-ground teams are taking precautionary measures to ensure safety and bike quality, so users aren’t just solving mobility, but also experiencing the advantage of being part of the ONN mobility revolution.

Soon, electric scooters too will become available in more cities as people shift towards greener, healthier, and smarter modes of transport.

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