EmpirePayTech Announces Seamless Merchant and Payment Services for Bakeries and Bread Shops

EmpirePayTech, a leading payment processing firm in the USA, has made a big announcement.

Online PR News – 28-June-2020 – SugarLand TX – California, 29th June 2020 – EmpirePayTech, a leading payment processing firm in the USA, has made a big announcement. The company has recently pronounced an introduction seamless merchant and payment services for bakeries and bread shops across the states.

“We have received several requests from bakeries and bread shops business owners for payment processing solutions. As businesses are now going online, given the pandemic crisis, with our latest introduced merchant and payment services, bakeries and bread shops will now be able to collect payment of their services online. Hence, ease for both buyers as well as sellers,” says Managing Director of EmpirePayTech.

The move to incorporate payment processing services was widely praised amongst the local social institutions, primarily due to the relief capabilities associated with the program. Conventional brick and mortars have suffered drastically during the current pandemic. However, the latest step by EmpirePayTech to route conventional bakeries` financial transactions through a digital gateway allows the local shops to sell their product online while keeping in compliance with the Standard Of Procedures (SOPs) issued by the government.

The Financial Manager elaborated, “Most of the retailers now have advanced payment processing solutions that help them to collect payment form different modes like cards, online transfer or directly by cash. However, many small to medium-sized bakeries still remain devoid of these capabilities. In order to align them with the contemporary norms, we`ve decided to extend our services for this segment of the as well, despite its relatively small size, as compared to other businesses in the industry.”

He further added, “Our payment systems come equipped with state of the art payment gateways and processing services. Moreover, we also provide clover terminals that will help employers to get rid of the hassle of maintaining account details. Starting from making receipt, to accepting payments from different modes, our latest POS terminals are capable of managing all tasks related to the finances of a shop.” 

About EmpirePayTech
EmpirePayTech is one of the USA’s leading organizations that provide financial routing services to over 30 industries. Some of their popular services include flexible merchant pricing, cash advances, check services, and POS solutions.