Now consult a Doctor, from the comfort of your home

CallDoc is a platform, where you can consult a doctor online in India, from the comfort of your home.

Online PR News – 26-June-2020 – Delhi/ 26-06-2020 – Growth of Healthcare Applications:
Due to the ongoing pandemic, it was not advisable for patients to step out of their house, lest they may catch the infection. There was a need for a technology, where a patient could consult a physician or a specialist doctor without having to step out of the house. Online doctor appointment apps are becoming popular as people are opening up to the possibility of replacing a visit to a physical clinic with an online alternative.
For a user, this is a quick, hassle-free, and pocket-friendly way of getting proper health care. It is the ease of availability of medical assistance, that the doctor appointment apps are making it big in the modern healthcare.

CallDoc App:
CallDoc is a platform, where you can consult a doctor online in India, from the comfort of your home. The patients can ask the doctors the relevant questions and receive specific answers to their questions related to health, instead of browsing through lists of symptoms and diseases on the internet. In only a few steps, you can now consult a doctor online, saving your time and money. It’s also a doctor appointment app, where you can find doctors near you and then book an appointment. This application not only assists the patient, but is the best app for doctors as well. Doctors can now make their advice available to the users remotely through a phone application.

Why CallDoc App?
In a perfect world, each individual would have access to the best possible physician for a particular ailment irrespective of physical boundaries. Medical science is rapidly advancing in terms of new techniques and super specialization. Your local doctor may not be the world authority on an ailment that you have or the presentation thereof. Therefore, it only makes sense that you should be able to consult a highly trained specialist who treats ailments such as yours more often than others. However, that may not always be possible considering the vagaries of distances, international travel barriers, costs, time zones, paperwork etc.

A Global eHospital like CallDoc transcends these barriers and enables you to consult the best possible specialist at your convenience, from the comfort of your home and at a nominal cost. The health professionals that form the core team of CallDoc have been part of the best health-care systems for decades. They are in tune with the changing dynamics of medical practice worldwide and the modern-day consumer’s expectations from health care. They also understand what a ‘brick and mortar’ hospital can sometimes miss. You research for days on end before buying a television; shouldn’t you be doing the same before getting yourself treated?

CallDoc is an ambitious initiative to fill the gaps in the fragmented health care system and provide new-age health care services available to everyone from the comfort of their home. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to be healthy, despite the challenges that they may face in reaching out to the doctor at the right time.