Adams Care Provides Tips In Reducing Energy Bills During The Summer

Isaac Riego of Adams Care, NADCA certified HVAC/AC maintenance provider shares valuable tips to reduce electricity bills during the summer months.

Online PR News – 02-July-2020 – United Arab Emirates, UAE – We easily recognize the summer season as the time where our utility bills can soar high. As we spend a lot of time indoors, our AC units demand more power and an extra effort to maintain the desired temperature at home.

Isaac Riego of Adams Care, NADCA certified and leading HVAC/AC maintenance provider provides valuable tips to help control electricity bills especially during the summer months.

“ Electricity prices are usually high during the summer since the demand for energy also becomes higher during these months.” Usually, as the summer season kicks in, our HVAC/AC systems are on full power, contributing to the increase in our electric bills”

Isaac explains that as simple as unplugging and turning off unused appliances can go a long way.

“ By unplugging unused appliances, you can save as much as 10 percent on your energy bill,” he explains.

Another way of saving electricity is by turning off the lights and taking advantage of natural lighting during the day.

“ Switching off your lights when not in use can really make a difference in your electricity bill. Don’t forget to not leave it open when you step outside as well.”

Finally, making sure that your HVAC/AC system is working efficiently will help you cut down on your bill. Isaac continues

“When your HVAC/AC system is not properly maintained, it may exert more effort than usual- causing your electricity bills to soar high. With proper AC maintenance, you’ll be rest assured that your unit is working efficiently and properly,” he concludes.