Merrett Survey Feature in Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura feature Merrett Survey Limited, a UK based land surveying company, who helped define the Cameroon-Nigerian border and end a dispute over the land.

Online PR News – 23-June-2020 – Exeter, Devon – Merrett Survey Limited has been recognised for their surveying work on the Cameroon and Nigeria border. The land, building and aerial surveyors are a key feature in an extended article, published by the popular online magazine and travel website, Atlas Obscura.

The article, titled ‘Ground Truth’, focuses on the settlement of the long-standing border dispute between the two countries. Work carried out by Merrett Survey Limited owner Peter Merrett and his team is detailed, along with the battle for the Bakassi Peninsula and ownership of the valuable materials that reside beneath.

Back in 2005, the UK based land surveying company responded to a tender issued by the United Nations, to carry out boundary survey work on the Cameroon and Nigeria border. The competitive tender was won and Merrett Survey Limited were commissioned to apply their expertise in 2007.

‘Ground Truth’ focuses on the details of Merrett Survey Limited’s border survey work and the following steps that made the settlement possible. The article also provides a comment on how Peter Merrett came to own his own surveying company and the journey of becoming involved in such international surveying work.

Peter and his team’s experience in this particular project in West Africa is also detailed, from the challenges faced to solutions that were found in a testing environment.

Merrett Survey’s Role in the Cameroon - Nigeria Border Settlement

Merrett Survey’s role in the dispute was to provide extremely accurate survey control. This entailed determining a network of geodetic control points, from which a number of other key measurements could be made. The company’s work in constructing and installing these survey stations ultimately helped the two countries, who had been at war over the land for decades, define the border.

Not only did Merrett Survey Limited travel to West Africa to provide the required survey work, but the company carried out some valuable training whilst there. The Merrett Survey Limited team provided both Cameroonian and Nigerian surveyors with essential training, to help them apply high accuracy GPS for future boundary and border work. Training was agreed as part of Merrett Survey Limited’s contract with the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission (CNMC).

Merrett Survey Limited has now worked in 61 countries around the world and this is just one example of how their surveying expertise has helped resolve issues and assist with development work. Their international survey services have also been required on projects in Kuwait, Greenland, Mexico and Russia amongst many others.