Launch of Kaka Bhajans Book Volume 2, your spiritual journey can take a big step during COVID-19

New platform of Kaka Bhajans plans a 22 book series launch, along with website and mobile apps covering Devendra Ghia’s teachings!

Online PR News – 23-June-2020 – Mumbai – We are setting ourselves in the ‘new normal’ as COVID19 sees no end soon. This has taught us to make time for ourselves and to grow on personal traits. We see many people have taken up activities like cooking, dancing, and learning something new but are we moving ahead spiritually?
Reading and listening to Bhajans is one of the purest forms to connect with your maker. The group recognized as Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi has launched the 2nd volume of their 22 book series with bhajans by Satguru Devendra Ghia (Kaka). This new spirituality source named Kaka Bhajans has 10,000+ by spiritual satguru – Devendra Ghia.
The Author, Satguru Shri Devendra Ghia (fondly called as Kaka), was born on 6th November 1927, in the city of Mumbai, India. His meeting with his satguru Siddhnath Baba is miraculous. One night, Kaka was sleeping in his Mumbai home. Suddenly a light appeared, and two monks materialized from thin air. They asked Kaka to come with them. They took Kaka to a cave on a mountain flying through the sky. Kaka saw a saint sitting on a seat. He had a long beard and long white hair. There were lions sitting on either side of him. Kaka soon realized that he was his guru. He was very happy to see Siddhanath Baba. Siddhanath Baba showed Kaka his Kamandal, Kaka's Asana (mat), and mala. Siddhnath baba told him, “I have kept these safely with me. These are yours from a previous birth.” He then made Kaka sit in meditation and gave Kaka a vision of his previous birth where he was a sadhu in Girnar called AVNINATH Baba. Kaka saw his own previous birth as Avninath Baba. Siddhnath Baba reminded him, that all his karmas were over, and he had been sent in this life for the upliftment of few people. He needs to go back and work for the upliftment of these people. He also told kaka that all the powers (siddhis) that kaka had accumulated had been taken away from him. Those will be given back to him whenever he needs them. After spending a few hours with Siddhnath Baba, kaka was sent back home the same night and in the same way. Subsequently, Kaka spent the rest of his life for the spiritual upliftment of the people.
His 500 bhajans are published in this book. The books have received kind reception and have helped devotees as well as other spiritual sages in their devotional growth. All Kaka Bhajans are being published in book series ‘Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi’.
Moving ahead in spirituality is the focus of Kaka Bhajans – To take the steps ahead and make progress towards Nirvana.
You can access Kaka Bhajans on or also download the mobile app from Google Play and App Store.