Intec America Offers Free Replacement Accessories with Its Proprietary Pool Ionizer Systems

Intec America is offering free replacement accessories worth $119 to referrals buying its proprietary pool ionizer systems.

Online PR News – 25-June-2020 – Franklinton, LA – Intec America, a leading water treatment specialist and one of the trusted manufacturers of Copper Ionization systems for pools and spas, is now offering free replacement accessories for its proprietary Pool Ionizer Systems. This offer is designed keeping Intec’s regular clients and their referrals in mind. It is extended to any buyer who is referred by an existing client and buys the complete set of pool ionizer systems from Intec’s retail outlet. The offer includes a free set of copper electrode bars and screws worth $119. Dealers can also make the same offer, but replacement accessories would be supplied by the dealer, and not by Intec.

“At Intec America, every client is precious to us because we believe we couldn’t have made it big without them,” said Steve McCune, President of Intec America Corporation. “Summer is the peak time for our business and we believe this is also the season to foster and strengthen relationships with our clients. This year we have decided to honor our relationship by offering free replacement accessories to those who buy through them”.

Intec America is today considered as a pioneer of water treatment technology as it was one of the first companies to commercialize copper ionization systems, designed by NASA, for swimming pools. Since its introduction, this technology has emerged as the best alternative to Chlorine Free Pools. The safety and effectiveness of this system make it ideal for everyone.

All these years, chlorine has been widely used for swimming pool disinfection because this chemical is easily available and is cheap. It helps inactivate bacterial and algal growth in swimming pools and spas. Although used for several years, people have grown cautious to its side effects like skin allergies and other health issues. There are several chemical-free alternatives in the market; however, they are not completely chemical-free, and have limited success.

Copper ionization systems developed by Intec America are completely chemical-free and have been found to be effective in tackling algae and bacterial growth. They are made of 100% copper electrodes and produce copper ions that are introduced to the pool water through the process of electrolysis. The electrodes that are plumbed into the pool’s return line, and they release ions when current passes through these electrodes. These ions pierce the cells of algae inhibiting their food intake, thereby inactivating them. Similarly, these ions also enter into the cells of bacteria and block photosynthesis, thereby inhibiting their growth and replication. The copper ionization systems developed by Intec America can be easily retrofitted to any existing pool and they cause no damage to pool surface or water filters. For more information, you can visit:

About Intec America
Established in 1973, Intec America has pioneered the concept of chemical-free pools and spa through its copper ionization technology. The implementation of this technology was earlier limited to water purification for space exploration. Today, Intec America has popularized it for spa and pool treatment applications. In addition to this, the company also specializes in a wide range of water treatment technologies including filtration, water softening, tannin removal, Reverse Osmosis Systems, ozonation, and UV light. Its water purification solutions are widely used in industrial segments such as residential buildings, industrial and commercial establishments, agriculture and livestock, and so on. The company represents various brands such as OZOTECH, FLECK, and Clack. It provides a complete range of services to its OEM partners in terms of product concept, design validation, design and management, agency approval, quality control, manufacturing, warranty, and product support.

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