Inverdiamond’s diamond investment platform is live!

Inverdiamond is changing the world of investing in real certified diamonds by offering them for wholesale prices with a buy-back guarantee.

Online PR News – 23-June-2020 – BARCELONA, Spain - June 22th, 2020 – Inverdiamond, Europe’s leading diamond investment company, announced the launch of its website. Inverdiamond is the online marketplace that makes investing and buying loose diamonds easy and accessible. On the site, you find over 7.000 high-quality and certified diamonds for wholesale prices, that come with the guarantee that Inverdiamond repurchases them in the future. Each diamond can be followed individually and sold when the price is right.

Oriol Cebrián, CEO of Inverdiamond, explains that this platform will open up the diamond investment market as such a website is the first of its kind. “By offering our diamonds directly to the end-users, we take the resellers and jewelers away from the supply chain. Therefore, we can offer our loose diamonds for wholesale prices, and because of our buy-back guarantee, our clients have a reliable place where they can sell their diamonds and make high profits.”

Why invest in diamonds?

Diamonds are a very safe investment. This is due to various factors. First of all, there has been a stable price increase over the years as diamonds have a very high intrinsic value worldwide across different cultures. In addition, the popularity of diamonds continues to rise, including in countries with growing economies such as the BRIC countries, causing international demand to grow while supply decreases. Furthermore, the remarkable crisis resilience of diamonds makes investing money even in times of crisis a good idea.

Over time diamonds drop very little in value, and they have shown to recover quickly from market fluctuations. Crises and general economic difficulties often have a more significant impact on many other raw materials. Oriol Cebrián says: “Diamonds are less volatile than other raw materials and have shown to recover well and quickly from crises. As investors are looking for stable assets to invest in, diamonds present themselves as good opportunities to do so.”

Why invest through Inverdiamond?

- Inverdiamond only provides high-quality, conflict-free, and certified diamonds

- 24/7 customer support

- Buying/investing diamonds online with ease

- 100% buy-back guarantee*

* Subjected to terms and conditions

For more information about the platform, how you can follow the diamonds, see videos of individual diamonds and more, visit