Wholesome Hair Co Adds New Products to Natural Hair Product Line

In celebration of Juneteenth 2020, black owned vegan hair care brand, Wholesome Hair Co, added four new products to its natural hair care product lineup.

Online PR News – 22-June-2020 – New York, NY – Wholesome Hair Co. is a black owned business, based in New Jersey, that specializes in manufacturing and retailing a unique brand of natural hair care products. The hair care products by Wholesome Hair Co. are 100% vegan and are all formulated to grow your hair. Wholesome Hair Co's signature products, Growth Accelerator Potion and Blooming Butter, have delivered exceptional results among Wholesome Hair Co's core customer base. Therefore, Wholesome Hair Co. has now announced the addition to their product line in celebration of the Juneteenth 2020 holiday.

Completing an inclusive growth-inducing product lineup, Wholesome Hair Co. has added their Shine Time Shampoo, Majestic Moisture Mask, Curl Creme of the Crop, and their Flaxseed Jelly Juice to the mix. The new products were created to answer the need for an all-inclusive black owned natural hair care line that was completely and consistently vegan, while maintaining the core focus of hair growth in each product offering.

The Shine Time Shampoo is a gentle, yet thoroughly effective, organic vegan shampoo with deeply moisturizing essential oils and herbs that nourish the scalp and hair while cleansing. During the lathering process, the strands are coated with rosemary extracts that work as an anti-inflammatory to stimulate blood circulation and nourish hair follicles.

The Majestic Moisture Mask is an intensely penetrating hair mask conditioner infused with hydrating herbs like hibiscus, kalonji, and shavegrass along with shorea butter, oatmeal, broccoli, and many other revitalizing vegan ingredients combined to accelerate hair growth and improve overall hair health. Leaving the Majestic Moisture Mask in freshly shampooed hair for 30-40 minutes restores hair's natural moisture levels and prepares hair to retain an ongoing moisture level conducive to fast hair growth.

The Curl Creme of the Crop is a lightweight curl cream used for styling curly and kinky hair textures. The Curl Creme of the Crop is scented with a compliment grabbing sweet vanilla and is created for moisturized definition of all natural hair textures. In a saturated world of curl creams, the Curl Creme of the Crop holds its own as an affordable luxury option ideal for warmer temperatures.

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Flaxseed Jelly Juice. It's a lightweight flaxseed based gel, infused with hibiscus and ginger, that delivers great definition without the crunch or stiffness of most gels. Like its other Wholesome Hair Co counterparts, the Flaxseed Jelly Juice is formulated to maximize hair growth along with its styling capabilities. At first glance, it's easy to see how the Flaxseed Jelly Juice got its name. The purplish color of this styling product oozing out of its 8 oz squeeze bottle, has an uncanny resemblance to a squeeze bottle of your favorite grape jelly. For the naturalista who prefers a styling gel over a cream, the Flaxseed Jelly Juice is a viable option especially during the warmer months of the year.

In addition to the continued offer of free shipping on all products, Wholesome Hair Co, has also decided to extend their Juneteenth sale until July 1, 2020. Using the code 19WH2 at checkout, will not only give you free shipping, but it will also give you 19% off of your purchase. No items are excluded in the offer, but the coupon code must be used.

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