Hygiene Hand, the Alternative to Touching Unsanitary Door Handles in Public

From coughing to sneezing, singing, exhaling, and talking, you no longer have to worry about droplets on high touch surfaces.

Online PR News – 22-June-2020 – Evansville, IN – Sign Crafters is proud to announce our new innovative alternative to touching door handles with your bare hands in Public or wearing latex gloves - our Hygiene Hand.

Hygiene Hand is simple to use, made of ½" thick acrylic it's preformed to pull door handles and has an extended finger for push buttons on ATM's, Elevator doors, Gas Station Keypads, and some touch screens.

Going out in Public and staying healthy

Now more than ever, it's vital to maintain social distancing and keep your hands clean.

With Hygiene Hand, you don't need to use different body parts to avoid touching unsanitary areas like door handles and ATM push buttons.

No need for acrobatic moves with your hips, shoulders or feet, place the hook onto the door handle and pull.

Not too keen on putting your bare fingers on elevator or ATM buttons? Hygiene Hand comes with an extended finger for push buttons.

Easy to clean with soap and water and Lysol wipes, disinfect, you can protect yourself at every stop.

Thinking outside the Box

Although Sign Crafters is a business sign manufacturer, we are no stranger to thinking outside the box. Reinventing ways to keep our doors open and employees working during the pandemic, we designed Hygiene Hand and Sneeze Guards.

Business Sign Manufacturer

Located in Evansville, Indiana, Sign Crafters has been creating high-quality Business Signs nationwide since the 1950s.

Our experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment allow us to meet our customers' needs with elaborate design, vibrant color matching, brilliant lighting, logo creation, and signs of all shapes and sizes.

To learn more about Hygiene Hand, visit http://www.signcrafters-inc.com/business-signs/hygiene-hand.cfm, and order online.

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