No Mobile Phone at School to ‘School in Mobile Phone’ is trend during COVID Times - Global Leaders

Technology Adaption in Education During Covid Times - a global perspective

Online PR News – 19-June-2020 – 13th June 2020, India – The World Forum for Education along with Bharatiya Engineering Science & Technology Innovation University conducted its 7th session in the webinar series focusing on capturing the practicing insights and vision to improvise with diverse options in the adaption of technology in education from a range of prominent stakeholders including educationalists, technology and industry experts, and policymakers, on 13th June 2020.

Welcome address by Dr.Rupa Vasudevan, Chancellor, BESTIU set the tone for the event with an emphasis on the upcoming challenges of technological adoptions in professional higher education courses with regards to practical exposures, social distancing, and accessibility.

Working together with technologies coupled with high-grade quality teaching with excellence will drive the success of the digital remote learning practices and education developing technologies that were emphatically brought out by Dr. S.N. Tripati, Director, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. He urged the necessity of narrowing the digital divide with a suitable recalibration of the pedagogy and delivery design for creating the attentively of learners for far more visibility, integrated with appropriate technology.

Successful innovative efforts from the National Productivity Council of Gov of India, through online entrepreneurship connectivity with industry and customer relationship in the farming community opening wider scope in productivity enhancement in agriculture, was distinctly highlighted by Arun Kumar Jha, the Director-General, National Productivity Council, New Delhi. Exposition of the proven innovations for commercial adoption through the technological mediation support for various agrarian stakeholders and educationalists were underlined. Possibilities of robotics, artificial engineering, and computers to balance the teaching community were viewed by him. The establishment of a productive platform through the recent signing of MoA between BESTIU and NPC for various capacity building and community promotion plans was reiterated by the Chancellor of BESTIU. Chinese educational experience during the post COVID period leading to openness to various integration and coordination of applications within and across the countries enabling the continuity of educational environment was narrated by Megan Jing Lee, Founder & CEO, Shanghai iMega industry Co, of China.

Dr. Gopal Naik, Academician, Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru while sharing the institutional experience of pre-COVID learning drawn the attention of the educators to develop appropriate content, moderating the long hours to match the synchronous classroom ecosystem followed with the responsive assessment of learners' feedback. Public-sector efforts to improvise the connectivity in non-accessible and rural areas boosting responsiveness of agricultural stakeholders were brought out with his SAME project experience. Skill led social contents coupled with e-Vidhya programs impacting the learning process in improving the attention and retention, besides, emphatically stressed the dire the need for cybersecurity in educational webinars through robust measures and its constant monitoring was counseled by Mrs.Neetu Garg, program manager of IBM.

African experience with Combujee a social classroom tool enabling critical thinking with digital technological application encouraging the smart classroom a learning environment with openness to accept and adopt the innovations was suggested by Peter Mbede, Director of Youth Ministry at FOLCI & Academician at PAC University.

The frame of reference enabling the digital technology with the integration of context and content and value-based educational curricula as reflections of education was proposed by Dr. Mathews, Director, ECC & Founder, BFSR Bengaluru. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Senior Advisor of the BESTIU offered the concluding remarks.

Emface provided the technical support to track the massive participation of the viewers in the webinar across the globe on various platforms and its techno-educative applications developed and access has portrayed the moderation by Mr. Shazil Ahmed, Senior Director & CTO of BESTIU.

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The event was hosted by Dr. Rupa Vasudevan, Chancellor, and in presence of Sh Bharat Lal Meena IAS (R), Chairman, BESTIU, and Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie, President, WWLC, Indonesia, Founder GPBTC, Alice Kamunge, CEO of Vera Beauty College – Kenya, Joyce Wanjiru, Founder – ImpartAGeneration.

The learning from the series of webinars will be documented and shared with the education community worldwide. The next webinar in the series is scheduled on 20th June 2020 and the registration is free and it is open on