Through utilizing strong virtual organization tools, progressive candidates gain a controlling majority within the Nevada State Democratic Party Executive board

Online PR News – 19-June-2020 – LAS VEGAS Nevada – The Nevada State Democratic Party held its virtual state convention last week, ending on June 13 with the elections for at-large delegates to the Democratic National Convention as well as for at-large positions on the State Party Executive Board. Of the 14 seats being contested, candidates endorsed by Clark County Left Caucus won 9, giving progressives a clear controlling majority on the Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Board.

The Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Board manages the day-to-day operations and expenditures of the Party and sits with the State Central Committee to make the rules and bylaws that govern the Party. The Executive Board also approves committee assignments made by the Chair of the State Party. With a clear majority of seats now held by progressives, the Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Board will seek to ensure transparency, ethical operations, and fairness within the State Democratic Party.

“Left Caucus is committed to bringing progressive change to Nevada, through utilizing innovative platforms and approaches to bring in new voices to the Democratic Party.” said Judith Whitmer, Chair of Left Caucus and Second Vice Chair of the Clark County (Nevada) Democratic Party. “Progressives are on our way to bringing real change to Nevada, and our model and approach should serve as a key framework for progressives throughout the US looking to make clear changes and policy reforms within the Democratic Party.”

The Bernie Sanders delegation to the state party convention played a critical role in energizing progressive within the Nevada Democratic Party. Through utilizing multiple remote organizational tools and social messaging efforts, the Left Caucus was able to tap into this energy; providing the infrastructure and support needed to attain sweeping wins for Left Caucus-endorsed candidates.
Caucus-endorsed candidates also swept elections for the Sanders delegation to the Democratic National Convention earlier in the week.

Newly Elected Progressive Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Board Members:
For Clark County
Gordon Brown
Jeoffrey Carlson
ShaeAnn Clements-Ojeda
Gabrielle d’Ayr
Marco Henry
Christopher Roberts
Michael Weiss
For Washoe County:
Massimo Balestra
For Rural Counties:
Leslie Sexton

About the Clark County Left Caucus
Clark County Left Caucus is a chartered organization of the Clark County (Nevada) Democratic Party that works to unite all progressive Democrats in the Las Vegas Valley and throughout Nevada. Left Caucus is committed to utilizing innovative technology platforms and engagement programs to bring progressive change to Nevada.

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