ChewyMoon makes healthy snacking fun for kids!

ChewyMoon's innovative kid's snacks are made from all-natural ingredients. They are delicious and fun for kids!

Online PR News – 18-June-2020 – London – ChewyMoon was founded in 2016 by proud parents Lijo Jose, Nick Christensen, and nutritionist Verena Dickson.

All 3 shared the same goal to innovate the children’s snacking market and make it healthier and more fun for kids.

With the knowledge that replacing crisps and biscuits to fruit and vegetables would be a tough task, they knew they needed to get children excited and hooked. The team was in complete agreement that the best way to achieve this was to combine snacking with a wide gamut of gamification.

This is how the fictional world of ChewyMoon came into fruition, forming an innovative subscription service for parents and kids. Soon the team was setting off to the fictional planet of ChewyMoon and meeting the natives - The Moonas - who shared the goal of taking on the children’s snacking industry and providing future super-heroes with the fuel they’ll need to face their daily missions.

The Moonas required ChewyMoon’s founders to collect extensive data from ‘Earthlings’ so they could truly understand what parents and kids wanted from their snack company. With data-driven knowhow, the founders launched ChewyMoon’s kids snacking subscription service to earthlings, and thus began the mission to make children’s eating habits healthier!

The gamification packs were kindly donated from The Moonas from their own personal collection of Superhero equipment. The packs include the incredibly rare Moona masks, and most importantly the Moonbucks, which can earn customers reward such as a £10 voucher for Frugi Organic Clothing (so your little ones can save the world in style).

The Moona community has grown quickly, but we still maintain regular communication with our subscribers, who helped us innovate and create the products we are selling today. For example, roughly 500 households participated in our packaging design survey (multiple surveys and iterations actually!) giving us valuable feedback on our packaging’s health and fun factors. This customer-centricity is most remarkable within all parts of our business, be it snack development, price point, portion size etc. ChewyMoon is not only the first nutritionally balanced subscription snack box for children in the UK, but it is also the only ‘crowdsourced’ product offering (it can be argued).

Most recently we launched a retail range as an alternative to our subscriptions, so more parents can discover our brand and help their children prepare their journey to become superheroes. Oh, and in case you’re wondering how to get hold of a Moonapack, they are hidden away in our multipacks, which you can find on Ocado, or the recently launched online supermarket for small F&B brands, Mighty Small UK.