Fake NHS-contacting tracer - Scammers use Covid-19 to get data and money from citizen

The website tellows is warning for scammers who pretend to be contacting tracer of the NHS.

Online PR News – 18-June-2020 – 18.06.2020, Leipzig, Sachsen – There is a new type of fraud regarding the Corona Virus. The website http://www.tellows.co.uk, a platform for users to share unknown callers’ information and for reverse phone number search, has released an article about the contacting tracer-fraud.
Scammers pretend on the phone to be contacting tracers of the national health system (NHS). They claim to their victims that they are supposedly infected by the virus or a person that had contact to the victim is infected. By doing so, they ask for personal data and/or try to get money from their victims. In order to be more convincing, they spoof their number. That means that they imitate the official test and trace number from the NHS (which is 03000135000). Due to the spoofing, it is difficult to distinguish between a real call and a fraud.
Nevertheless, there are factors that can indicate users if it is a reliable call or not. One indicator is for example that a real contacting tracer will never ask for passwords, PIN’s or login details. Other indicators and information about how to react when becoming a victim of a fake contacting tracer can be found on https://blog.tellows.co.uk.
More information about the scam: