Sourcing engine components from the right manufacturer for overall performance efficiency

The technology used, the people and the processes matter when it comes to the manufacture of engine components.

Online PR News – 18-June-2020 – Satara,Maharashtra – Engine components define the functionality of an engine. The technology used, the people and the processes matter when it comes to the manufacture of engine components. The process involves precision technology in manufacturing, excellent craftsmanship, and eye for detail. In their endeavor to encompass all these elements, Cooper Corporation has always been on the forefront of contemporary technology, has been hiring and training qualified professionals and have the expertise from the world over in the design and manufacturing of engine components. Today, the company is among the renowned cylinder heads and cylinder blocks manufacturers, as well as an organized player among the aluminum parts manufacturers. The portfolio consists of flywheel, pistons, anti-polishing rings, among others. Cylinder liner is a crucial component for an engine, and Cooper has been exporting and expanding the production to meet the growing demand in recent years.

Engine components that define performance and precision

The cylinder liner is one of the critical products of the Cooper portfolio. While the current capacity is currently pegged at 2.6 million, the company exports liners to engine manufacturers and OEMs in Africa, Europe, China, and Sri Lanka. The company is also one of the largest cylinder heads and cylinder blocks manufacturers in the country. With a state of the art manufacturing line at Satara and the support from the local talent, 60% of the Cooper revenues come from Engine components. As one of the key engine components manufacturers in India, Cooper has become the nucleus of all development activities in this region as the company employs more than 3,000 employees from this region. With care being taken to ensure that the products are well in line with the international manufacturing standards, the company complies with the environmental legislation from across the world.

Wide range of products in its portfolio

As a reputed player among the aluminum parts manufacturers, Cooper manufactures a wide range of products including-

-Flywheels-are heavy wheels that take effort to spin when the engine starts. The opposing and the moderating inertia by the fluctuation of speed.
-Cylinder Liner is one of the largest and the oldest manufacturers of cylinder liner, they are manufactured as per the specifications. Cylinder liners differ in size depending on the performance and accuracy of machining and reducing the thickness of the
-Cylinder Heads-are located on the top of the engine block and serve as a critical component for engines. Cylinder heads and cylinder blocks manufacturers typically use cast iron and compacted graphite iron for its manufacturing
-Piston- Pistons are made from cast iron and chromium, or nickel or copper, depending on the use and application.
-Anti-polishing Rings- They are fitted into the inner groove of the cylinder liners and scrapes off the carbon deposit on the top of the piston

One of the renowned names among engine components manufactures in India
Cooper engine components can be used for different sectors like gensets manufacturing, marine, industrial units that require high volumes. Almost 70% of the engine components used in the manufacture of Cooper gensets and engines are manufactured at the Cooper factory, the company which today is known to be among the renowned aluminium parts manufacturers. Today, the company is among the top cylinder heads and cylinder blocks manufacturers. It has a wide portfolio of engine components supplied to automotive companies and Original Engine Manufacturers across the country and around the globe from Cooper Corporation. Maintaining quality standards and precision in manufacturing are the top of the priorities.