welovesupermom Launches First Pregnancy Webinar, with Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and AIA

Inaugural online seminar on pregnancy and breastfeeding to support first-time parents and those adjusting to parenthood in a pandemic

Online PR News – 18-June-2020 – Singapore – welovesupermom, Asia’s largest online marketplace and community for parents, babies, toddlers and kids, takes its pregnancy seminar online for the first time. Presented in a webinar setting in conjunction with Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and AIA SP-Virtus Associates, more than 150 parents are expected to benefit from the free sharing by Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultant, Dr Choo Wan Ling, and Lactation Consultant, Ms Nurhanesah Binte A. Rahman. Titled “Important Steps for Successful Pregnancy & Breastfeeding”, the webinar will be held on 20 June 2020 from 2pm to 4pm.

Information that will be shared at the seminar include the important steps to a successful pregnancy, breastfeeding for new mums and tips for parents on financial health especially during an economic downturn.

welovesupermom is no stranger to massive events. The team behind Asia’s largest premium expo for parents, the SuperMom Baby Fair, aims to reach out to even more parents at a time when connection is more crucial than ever. Parents face unprecedented challenges when it comes to welcoming a baby during a pandemic. Without the physical support of their own parents or extended family due to safety measures in place, trusted online resources and a welcoming online community will guide them through their journey to make sure that it is not a lonely one.

Joan Ong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at welovesupermom, says “Providing the trusted go-to platform for all things related to parenting from content and products has been the main motivation for the platform. At this unprecedented time, such support for parents-to-be and especially for first time parents is crucial to aid them with questions they may face in their parenting journey. welovesupermom strives to build on the platform and resources that we currently have to render even more help to parents during this period.”

Anxiety over having a baby at this moment, and even months later, is causing many couples to put their plans to start a family on hold. With the added health risks amidst economic uncertainty, Joan admits that these pregnancy fears are very real.

“Information and support are most needed by parents, expectant parents and couples wishing to have children. We will continue to tap on our network of hospital partners, Key Opinion Mothers and experts to develop more outreach channels. When parents feel reassured with a support community, they in turn, can be a strong support system for their families,” she adds.

The Power of Community
Even during a time free from a pandemic, Joan saw the value of a shared parenting community and online resources. She started welovesupermom in 2012 with a mission to support other mothers in their parenting journey and to empower them with knowledge.

welovesupermom has since grown from one mother’s idea into a global platform with millions of page views and hundreds of thousands of unique users each month.

At welovesupermom.com, parents can shop online for products including those for pregnancy care, post-partum recovery and newborn care, at the lowest prices and with special deals. The platform also provides support to parents through its online community where tips and tricks are shared by experts, a community of Key Opinion Mothers (KOMs) or any parent with that shared experience from all over Asia.

There are currently over 100,000 members in the support group, with over 1,000 KOMs forming a network available to parents almost 24/7 – the community is easily accessible through Facebook closed groups and WhatsApp chats. These groups are dedicated to various milestones of the parenthood journey, from groups for expectant mothers to those for parents with preschoolers. New moms are also able to find fellow moms within the same Estimated Due Date (EDD) range via dedicated EDD groups.

Brand Boosters
The growth of the ecommerce platform, especially during the weeks of circuit breaker, proves that mothers are now accustomed to buying products online without having to “touch and feel”. Parents flocked to purchase essentials such as face masks and face shields during this period, contributing to over SGD100,000 in sales. With time and movement limited by the ongoing pandemic, the online platform offers parents convenience, ease and the safety of shopping from home.

To support local retailers and brands, welovesupermom.com is onboarding a slew of local companies onto their online platform. These include Tollyjoy, Lucky Baby, Hegen, Madam Partum and Lao Ban Niang Confinement Foods. They join the ranks of retailers such as Medela Asia, Picket & Rail Baby & Kids, Baby Hyperstore, Palette Box and Bumwear that have ventured onto the marketplace and are popular among the community. Visit the marketplace now at http://http://www.welovesupermom.com/marketplace.

Parents can sign up for “Important Steps for Successful Pregnancy & Breastfeeding” at http://http://www.welovesupermom.com/pages/important-steps-for-successful-pregnancy-breastfeeding.

Attendees will receive a goodie bag worth SGD50 that will be personally delivered to them during a meet-up with an AIA representative after the session.
Parents may join welovesupermom’s community support group at http://http://www.welovesupermom.com/pages/community-support-group-sg.


About welovesupermom
welovesupermom was founded by a mother with a mission. After her own experience of motherhood, Joan Ong wanted to support other mothers in their parenting journey and empower them with knowledge and a shared community. Her first initiative stemmed from her love of the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. Despite it being a long shot, she invited the authors down to Singapore to share their insights with parents here. To Joan’s surprise, one of them agreed. It became a hugely successful event with thousands of parents filling a large seminar hall. Riding on that wave, she went on to develop a series of programmes to support parents in their journey. And that eventually led to the launch of welovesupermom.com in 2012.

welovesupermom has since grown from one mother’s idea into a global platform with millions of page views and hundreds of thousands of unique users each month. The one-stop resource centre comprises of an E-commerce marketplace selling a wide range of local and international baby and mother care products, a parenting centre with informative resources, and a community support group for like-minded parents to share experiences.

It has served a network of MNCs from FMCG, insurance and banks due to its knowledge of the industry and expertise on consumer behaviour in the segment. welovesupermom is one of Louken Group’s invested entity and a company of the Louken Venture Accelerator ecosystem.


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