Copper-Inside Mask Revolutionize The Protective Medical Market

An Israeli revolutionary facemask that kills virus & bacteria, leveraging copper’s powerful antibacterial properties, allowing safe reuse of the mask.

Online PR News – 18-June-2020 – Israel – Olvitech Ltd. is pleased to announce a new product for the personal protective equipment market. Cooper-Inside Antiviral Face Mask, developed in Israel, is the world’s first facemask that impregnated with copper oxide microparticles. With over 30 registered patents presenting how Copper oxide displays potent antiviral properties, an Israeli technology company leveraged it, and used the antimicrobial properties of copper in a proprietary manufacturing process and presented a world’s revolutionary Viral Deactivator Non-Woven material. The copper facemask was successfully tested and cleared for marketing in the EU – April 2020 and passed a rigorous testing process by the German lab TUV SUD.
As of today, the patented technology provides unique prevention and virus elimination properties using copper oxide layers in a Non-Woven multi-layer Facemask. The mechanism of “killing viruses” is achieved by the interaction of copper ions with the virions that are entrapped in the mask or that come into contact with the surface of the copper oxide impregnated outer surfaces of the masks.
In addition to the mask’s Antiviral assets, the company has made the next step to enhance the mask performance and adjusted it to meet the highest facemask filtering standards, i.e., Type IIR level. Hence, the new IIR Copper Oxide-based facemask provides a strong level of protection against respiratory viral and bacterial pathogens.
Development of a biocidal mask (and in general, all personal protective equipment) capable of rendering the pathogens that come into contact with them non-infectious, may significantly reduce pathogen transmission and contamination of the wearers themselves and the environment. This is even more relevant today when countries and administrations are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, which dramatically affects both the health system and the economic local and global markets.
The Copper oxide anti-bacterial facemask possesses numerous benefits. Thanks to mask ability to destroy and eliminate the virus on touch, it became a multiuse non-woven facemask. The mere fact that the mask is Multiuse, i.e., can be worn and provide effective protection against self-infection and infecting others, multiple times, makes the mask a sustainable one, hence reducing the need for numerous regular facemask, therefore minimizing its environmental impacts, reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency, all while providing the highest level of protection against viruses. Moreover, the facemask features does not deteriorate with time, and its efficiency is not affected by humidity, sweat or saliva.
Today, it is already clear to epidemiology experts that the Copper Oxide Israeli patented technology has a strong impact on preventing the next wave of the pandemic.