Veteran Educator Launches NEW School-wide Social- Emotional Learning Training Program

Cape Cod educator launches school-wide SEL Professional Development Program providing a roadmap to help educators put social-emotional learning into action.

Online PR News – 17-June-2020 – Barnstable, MA – BARNSTABLE, MA (June 15, 2020) – Native Cape Codder, Jeanne Baskin, a Speech-Language Pathologist and Dual Certified Social-Emotional Learning Specialist, is the Founder and CEO of Social Success in Schools; a nationwide campaign to support school communities in amplifying the social, emotional, and academic performance of all students.

After taking a year’s sabbatical with her family to travel in their sailboat, Baskin returned from her trip to leave her 20-year position in the Barnstable Public Schools to forge on with a grassroots mission to make a greater difference in the lives of kids.

Baskin, who is in the process of earning her Ph.D. at Lesley University in Boston, said “Our cookie-cutter kids our crumbling and no amount of frosting is going to keep them together.”

She urges that, “Now, more than ever, properly training school communities in supporting the social and emotional development of our children is critical.”

Her mission is to, “unify school communities to more effectively ensure that we are educating the whole child and creating learning environments that are safe, supportive, and inclusive for all students.”

Social-Emotional Learning is defined as the process through which children and adults learn to understand and manage emotions, demonstrate kindness and empathy, set and achieve productive goals, develop relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.
SEL is a far-reaching framework for supporting successful learning. Recent studies indicate that when schools integrate social-emotional learning into their classrooms, they can increase academic achievement by up to 11% percentile-points. It also improves school attendance and GPAs, while reducing bullying, dropout rates, and aggressive behavior. Researchers have found that there is also a noticeable decrease in drug use, teenage pregnancy, and criminal behavior among children who are taught social and emotional skills with benefits reaching 18 years into adulthood.

As schools plan out the next steps for re-opening in the fall, incorporating school-wide SEL is at the forefront of the minds of educators and parents. But schools can’t go at it alone. Social Success in Schools’ online School-wide SEL Professional Development Program combines evidence-based practices covering a wide variety of topics from creating a school culture and climate that fosters inclusion, equity, and cultural competency, to trauma-informed practices, mindfulness, and student-centered discipline.

Studies show that for every $1 spent on SEL, schools receive an $11 return back on their investment. With the House Appropriation Committee’s recent approval of $260 million for incorporating SEL in schools, implementing Social Success in School’s SEL professional development program is a risk-free investment with a big payoff.

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