PlacidWay Launches Innovative Medical Travel Video Chat for Faster Patient Conversion

Effective solution for healthcare providers to stand out in a crowded medical tourism market and reach out to patients via face-to-face discussions.

Online PR News – 16-June-2020 – Denver – PlacidWay, a well-recognized brand in the medical tourism industry, launches an innovative solution to directly connect health travel patients and providers. They are bringing a new Video Chat feature that will help healthcare providers with the faster and better patient acquisition.

Using the Video Chat service, healthcare providers can reach out to patients via face-to-face remote discussions from anywhere with no software or app to download. The feature aims to revolutionize medical tourism patient interaction and help providers enjoy sustained competitive advantage.

Video Chat service ensures personalized patient engagement. Providers can directly send a video chat invitation to the patients and manage individual video appointments on the portal calendar dynamically.

According to Mr. Pramod Goel, Founder and CEO of PlacidWay, this is one of the most significant solutions for the medical tourism industry in the present times. He says, "With the global pandemic of COVID-19 causing immense damage to the world economy due to closure of international borders, restriction on travel and fear of safety, the medical tourism sector is one of the worst affected industries. Patients are concerned about traveling abroad until restrictions are lifted and they are ensured about safety by the providers. In such an uncertain scenario, our Video Chat service can be a game-changer for providers. It can breakdown the geographical barrier and revolutionize medical tourism patient interaction. Moreover, direct real-time communication can build trust, solve problems faster, improve patient satisfaction and increase conversion."

PlacidWay Video Chat feature uses secure communications that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This ensures patient data, network and process security measures are well secured. The service will help the providers offer good customer experience and open scope of future sales. It will also cut down on customer service costs and deliver higher brand quality.

About PlacidWay:

PlacidWay has established as a top brand of the global medical tourism marketplace. Their huge healthcare network help patients connect with thousands of prominent medical and wellness centers from more than 50 countries and over 250 cities worldwide. PlacidWay's global presence includes access to a large patient base from all continents including the Americas, Europe, CIS, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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