Immediate Merger Announcement:
Bellagraph Nova Group
16th June 2020

Online PR News – 16-June-2020 – Paris - France – PRESS RELEASE

June, 15th 2020

Dorr Group of Companies and Bellagraph Group of Companies are honored to announce its definitive and immediate merger on 16th June 2020.
Over the last decade, the DORR Group of Companies have demonstrated unparalleled solidity in managing various industries from luxury, consumers lifestyle, healthcare, technology and media and has built Novena Global Lifecare to be one of Asia’s largest integrated medical healthcare and aesthetic group with over 250 locations globally.
Based out of North America, The Bellagraph Group is an established Multinational Company that has business activities across various industries such as Luxury, Consumer Lifestyle, Financial Services and Real Estate.
The announced merger will build upon the established track record of both platforms and create significant synergies and tremendous value going forward. The new combined entity will become a global conglomerate with presence in over 100 countries and will take on one new identity:
The headquarters have been established in the most famous Place Vendôme in Paris.
The BN Group is spearheaded by three successful scions who are trailblazing global leaders in their respective fields: Ms. Evangeline Shen, Mr. Nelson Loh and Mr. Terence Loh. The successful trio have been actively engaged in merger talks for the last 18 months in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic crisis. Not only have they successfully navigated their respective businesses through these challenging times, they have come together to combine and create this new behemoth.
The new partnership further strengthens its position in the global market and is expected to result in greater efficiencies and significantly cement our market leadership. Co-Founders commitment have demonstrated unparalleled courage and resilience.
The Group solidity is evident especially in this unprecedented period following the worldwide events of the past few months.
The key to its success is based on its core business that is entirely people-oriented: BN Group belief is that people make the difference!
BN Group has also announced its Governance structure and its designated Head of Global Marketing and Investor Relations:
Mr. Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon is from now on the effective Chief Marketing and Investor Relations Officer of BN Group. He will also concurrently hold the title of Head of Bellagraph EMEA and Chief Representative Officer of Bellagraph USA.
Mr. Nereides de Bourbon has a proven global track record in his successful career path with several international Groups such LVMH, Fendi, Chanel and many others and brings deep industry experience to the Group.
Please join us in congratulating on the landmark merger and welcome the new Head of Global Marketing and Investor Relations.
We wish BN Group a prosperous, successful and flourishing future.
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The Co-Founders Mr. Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon