Opening new doors for Salesmate users: Updates & new features revelation

As a part of Salesmate June Updates, we have made several developments in our existing features purely based on the feedback received from our customers.

Online PR News – 15-June-2020 – Charlotte, NC – As a part of Salesmate June Updates, we have made several developments in our existing features purely based on the feedback received from our customers.
Also, there are some exciting new features we are launching in this segment.
But first, let’s check out the updates we have made in the current features.
1. Filters in Team Inbox
Now Salesmate users will be able to create and save filtered views to declutter conversations in Team Inbox. Users can select one or more fields and save views based on their requirements.
Filters in Team Inbox will solve the struggle of searching specific conversations and separate them in a new View. It’s like creating a Team inbox inside a Team Inbox.
This update is also available in Android & iOS Salesmate mobile apps.
2. Enroll deals into sequences
Now, Salesmate customers can directly enroll a deal in a Sequence.
That means every contact associated with a particular deal will be enrolled in the sequence with a few clicks. And users can bulk enroll deals into a sequence as well! Of course, this update is available in Salesmate mobile apps.
3. Bulk activity creation
Activities are one of the most essential parts of Salesmate CRM. Creating activities like Call, Meeting, Demo is an everyday job. We understand this process should be as fast as possible.
Now our users can create bulk activities for Contacts, Companies, and Deal modules. We believe, this update will help our users save a lot of manual work, so they can invest more time in selling!
Apart from these, there are two other minor yet important improvements in Salesmate. Now our users can check read/unread Texts and Emails using filters. You can also identify open/closed conversations in Team Inbox.
New additions to Salesmate CRM
It’s time for the main course now!
We are proud to announce our all-new plan called “Boost” with a lot of valuable features. The Boost plan is designed to serve rapidly growing sales teams.
What’s new in the Boost Plan?
Power Dialer/Smart Queues (Upcoming)
Teams (Basic functionality, more to come in upcoming days)
Increased limits of no. of sequences and no. of emails/user/day
50 workflows (2X Growth Plan)
1000 emails/user/day in workflows
5 Team Inboxes
Voicemail Drop
Google Data Studio Integration (Upcoming)
Increased file storage capacity
Check out the detailed comparison of Boost plan with Starter & Growth from Salesmate Pricing.
Let’s talk about the 2 new features that we have introduced in the Boost plan. These features are in constant development and our customers will be seeing a lot more improvements in the coming days.
Let’s check them out.
1. Teams
Teams feature lets us choose a specific set of teammates and bind them into a group called “Team”. After creating a Team, we can easily segment contacts, companies, deals, or activities and take quick actions.
We are introducing the basic version of Teams at the moment, but there’s a lot more to be introduced in the coming days.
2. Voicemail Drop
Voicemail Drop will solve the repetition of dropping a voicemail message for every unpicked call. Now, Salesmate users will be able to record a custom voicemail message and drop whenever the call is not picked up by the customer.
Users can create multiple pre-recorded voicemail messages and drop whichever is suitable. This feature will drastically save the calling time of sales reps and offer more time for selling.
We genuinely wish these features will add a lot of value to your business. Our goal for the coming year is to serve our customers with more useful functionalities.
Sneak Peek
We will soon introduce some compelling design-related changes in Salesmate Web App.
We are also coming up with two important new features for our users.
Power Dialer (Essentially calling it Activity Smart Queue) will make the calling process extremely easy for sales reps. Users can choose the numbers in bulk and Salesmate will call them one after another, and offer the highest efficiency!
The second new addition to Salesmate is Google Data Studio Integration that will help users drag Salesmate data into a common ground.
We are constantly working on these and new features. Stay with us for all the updates in Salesmate web & mobile apps.
To know more about these updates, check out our detailed article here.