Calculate The Cost Of Employees In China - HROne's New Payroll Calculator

HROne announced the new Payroll Calculator, a tool to calculate the cost of hiring employees in China. Know how much employees cost to your company in China.

Online PR News – 15-June-2020 – San Jose, California – The Payroll Calculator is a tool that allows you to easily calculate the total cost of an employee in China. You can calculate costs like:

· Employee social insurance
· Employer social insurance
· Individual income tax
· Housing fund
· Total cost of employment
· Net salary

The cost of employment in China changes depending on the city. With the tool, you can choose the city where you are planning to hire employees and calculate the cost for that specific location.

China is increasingly attracting more foreign investment into the country, boosting the number of companies starting a business in China. Consequently, the need to hire employees and understanding the local labor law is also an important facet to consider when being a foreigner doing business in China.

Understanding how much you will pay an employee every month and every year is an important aspect to consider before starting your business in China.

That is why HROne created the Payroll Calculator. In this way, you can easily calculate the costs of employment and understand more about China's labor costs.

"We wanted to help companies operating in China to have a clear understanding of the costs related to hiring employees and easily calculate how much is the total cost of employment in China." says Joy Shen, Managing Director at HROne.

"With the payroll calculator, the user can choose for which city in China wants to calculate the payroll and clearly see what are the costs that the employee and the employer have to pay."

The Payroll Calculator is available for free on HROne's website.

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