Los Angeles Apartment Owner Holds The Key To Landlord-tenant Relationships

Landlord-Tenant relationships during COVID-19 require clear communications and honoring each other’s individual needs for a mutually acceptable solution.

Online PR News – 16-June-2020 – Los Angeles, CA – During a crisis it is all too easy to let communication break down. This goes for personal relationships, as well as business associations. And yet it is open communication that can literally save a relationship or company.

Aside from the daunting physical health issues, our mental health is being tested, too. We are being bombarded with massive amounts of information, which seems to change quite often. And without an anchor or solid ground, and a true understanding of the situation, we are left spinning and filled with stress and anxiety.

Landlord-Tenant relationships require clear communication. We reach out to those tenants who need help and propose ideas to come up with a mutually-acceptable plan. We ask them: how can we work together?

And uncertainty leads to even more worry and concern. Megan McCoy’s March 16, 2020 article on CNBC.com spells it out: “A lot of anxiety stems from not knowing what will happen with regard to the coronavirus, or how long things will be different. When faced with the unknown, we often experience paralyzing anxiety.” The right business relationship can make a huge difference in overcoming some of these tremendous obstacles, and can help move us forward.

Teamwork And Communication – It Takes Two
When it comes to landlords and tenants, for example, working together and honoring each other’s individual needs can lead to a mutual solution and one that allows both parties to stay afloat. Landlords need incoming rent to keep their buildings and properties running smoothly and effectively. And tenants need ways to make sure business is still coming in, and that they can remain successful and continue to exist in their current space.

In regards to information, Tracy Bower writes on Forbes.com: “Be relevant about what you share and when you share it. People with whom you communicate regularly will appreciate messages relevant to what they’re concerned with at the moment.” This is essential for both landlord and tenant. Collaborating on a specific plan and working together can bring powerful results for both parties. In order to build a village, it really does take a village, or at the very least a strong team.

Care, Concern And Communication Is The Real Capital
While capital is essential to any business venture, the real capital is in clear communication. True care and concern also goes a long way, and knowing someone has your back can get you through anything. According to Kamyar Shabani from Optimus Properties LLC: “We reach out to those tenants who need help and propose ideas, come up with a plan. We ask them: how can we work together?”

These are unique and difficult times, unlike anything we have ever seen before. We must never be afraid to ask for what we need, but always listen to the needs of others, as well. Clear communication is crucial to understanding issues and then problem solving. It builds strong and mutually beneficial relationships. And with it, individuals and businesses can all get through this crisis together.

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