Optimise Devon releases a new kind of digital marketing package

Optimise Devon's new approach to SEO is set to provide better ROI and give more control just at a time when companies will need it most.

Online PR News – 13-June-2020 – Totnes – With the world coming out of Covid-19 lockdown, many business owners will be short of cash, wanting to get their businesses in front of as many people as possible and much more wary than before about simply handing over their SEO and trusting it will be done well. This is a heady combination which many might find difficult to balance.

There are literally thousands of SEO companies around to choose from, ranging from local one person companies to huge corporates with hundreds of employees. So, finding the right SEO solution has always been a problem, especially as most inevitably seem to offer the same thing. Optimise Devon is setting itself apart from other SEO companies by offering SEO packages that meet the needs of business in today’s economic climate.

As well as providing first class SEO, Optimise Devon also offers a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services to its customers and with experience in finance, accounting, technology and marketing for over 30 years they are able to provide a truly integrated service. With a new more personal and flexible range of SEO packages they are expecting huge growth as the UK economy gets back to normal.

Graham Cary, the director of Optimise Devon explained that their expansion due to their personal flexible and transparent approach has been phenomenal in the last few months.

Firstly, regarding SEO he told us “Generally businesses we have talked to have been disappointed with their current provider, they are unclear about what they are getting and the planning around their SEO seems to be really inflexible”.

Graham said that “As soon as we mention that we always assign an account manager to every client no matter how small and review the project with them every month in person for them to decide what they want us to achieve for them in the coming weeks we get a tremendous response”.

Finally, he mentioned “Given the response we have had recently to our new product range both through referrals and natural listings, we are expecting exponential growth over the coming months”.

Even at the local small-town level there are numerous SEO companies that can be found through an internet search. It seems quite difficult to find any clear differentiation between many of them and the ones that do find a niche or communicate some unique selling points are most likely the ones that will come on on top. It does also seem likely that the fallout from the recent downturn in the world economies will mean that there will be some consolidation of the SEO market.

Most SEO companies have by its nature very similar product offerings, so Optimise Devon’s bespoke packages are tailored on a customer-by-customer basis. There are no set-price packages, meaning you get precisely what you want.