CiTC Introduces Economical And Eco-Friendly Solution To Food Production

Eddy Sobczewski, owner of CITC USA lets us in on the amazing benefits of EcoAgra- a USDA biopreferred growth enhancer made from 100% plant extracts

Online PR News – 13-June-2020 – Australia – As the world faces the impacts of the global pandemic, there has never been a greater demand for global food security. This meant that on the onset of COVID19, there was a significant increase in demand in food supply all the while having health standards put into place- which has slowed down food production.

Along with the growing demand for food, sustainable methods of production have been called for. Eddy Sobczewski, owner of CITC USA is proud to introduce EcoAgra- a USDA biopreferred growth enhancer made from 100% plant extracts and is listed in USA’s Federal Procurement Program.

EcoAgra is an inexpensive solution to enhance the yield quality of crops all the while being sustainable- Thus producing better harvests while effectively offsetting high input costs. Sobczewski explains,

“apart from change, there is also one thing that’s constant and that is food. By having this technology, we are able to contribute not just in the agricultural industry but the end customers as well - food retailers and consumers.”

Once absorbed by the plant, it improves the plant’s metabolism, including photosynthesis. This results in better, faster, and stronger growth of the plant increasing its root mass. Sobczewski adds,

“By improving the crops’ root system, it allows for more absorption of nutrients, water and minerals in the soil. Subsequently, this gives way to healthier plant growth, producing faster and high-quality yields.”

However, EcoAgra is not considered as a fertilizer. In other words, EcoAgra improves the plant’s photosynthesis in a natural way.

“ EcoAgra, unlike fertilizers does not directly supply the nutrients to the crops, instead, it improves the plant’s natural ability to absorb nutrients by increasing the biomass and enhancing the crop’s root system.”
Sobczeswki clarifies.