BVOP released an Online Project Management Certification Process
06/13/2020 released a project management certification platform designed for professionals with advanced modern management understandings.

Online PR News – 13-June-2020 – New York City, NYC – released a project management certification platform designed for professionals with advanced modern management understandings. Established in 2018, Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd. introduced its BVOP Ultimate Guide by submitting it free for adoption by the entire Agile project management society. This guide is the approved preparatory book for all management certification programs of the company.

What is a project management certification?

Project management certification is normally expressed by taking an exam on pre-set questions. Candidates must answer a number of issues correctly. The successful passing of the exam usually ends with receiving a certificate. released a project management certification platform designed for professionals with advanced modern management understandings. designed its own online program in which applicants can start an automated review process. Every future certified project manager needs to answer 75% of all questions correctly. After successfully passing the exam, candidates automatically obtain a certificate with the title BVOP Certified Project Manager. However, let's explain to the unfamiliar audience what project management and Agile approaches are and the connection between them in modern production and software development.

What is Project Management?

Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, implementing, controlling, and closing the work of the team in order to achieve specific goals and to meet specific criteria for success in the allotted time. The profession of a project manager was established about a hundred years ago in the construction industry. ?h?se professionals are required in many business sectors, particularly in the field of IT, telecommunications services, development, etc. Certified project managers are in high demand because their organizational and professional skills help complete the project on time and with acceptable resources and desired quality. That is why project managers have skills for organization, ability to lead and engage people, to plan well. They are good communicators and make quick decisions. The position of the project manager is often taken by a professional who has the necessary knowledge of the specific industry and knows the specifics of the organization. Reference: Project manager vs Program manager vs Project sponsor: Differences and responsibilities,

In many cases, the usual career development of an expert in a particular organization depends on knowledge in the field and then professionals take certification exams to prove their project management knowledge.

What is Agile methodology?

The Agile methodology is becoming more and more influential every day. It was designed to deliver more flexibility and adaptability to the software development process. You do not need to describe all possible solutions to the problems that may arise in the overall development process, as happens with the traditional approach, but instead, the obstacles are broken down into small parts, which are then developed and tested with the participation of users.

Scrum, for example, is a popular Agile methodology today. It is a framework for managing software product development. The key element of the Scrum methodology is the constant connection with the customer, as a result of which unexpected changes may occur, new requirements from the customer to the final product and they must be included. In order to achieve the necessary adequate response to these challenges, the product development team must self-organize and work on the individual aspects of the task as a whole. This type of organization accordingly requires team members to either work together in one place or to be close, in constant contact with each other.

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