SSS Launches Their Salon-Safe Range of Products

Prevention is better than cure, especially amidst the current pandemic crisis caused by corona virus.

Online PR News – 12-June-2020 – Delhi – A Paradigm Shift in Salon Operations

Prevention is better than cure, especially amidst the current pandemic crisis caused by corona virus. Social distancing has become the norm and people now refrain from closely interacting with one another. All this has adversely affected salons that depend heavily on human contact and where personal interaction is inevitable between the service provider and the client. However, the beauty or wellness industry has embraced this challenge by changing the way they conduct their day-to-day operations. Salons are leaving no stone unturned to get back in the game and for this, they are trying to ensure their fear-enveloped customers that they are doing everything in their capacity to ensure their safety. Consequently, there has been a paradigm shift in the way salons operate now. They are inculcating high safety and hygiene measures, right from adopting salon disposable kits to other such safety-ensuring salon products.

Step up the Safety Game

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is exactly what is required during the defining global health crisis of our time. Salons have to adapt themselves and rethink their working model to stay in business. Salon Service Solutions (SSS) is lending a helping hand to salons to tide them over the crisis. Combining expertise and years of experience, SSS has come up with its latest range of salon safe range of products that ensure the safety of clients as well as staff or for that matter, everyone at the salon to minimize risks that can leave deep scars.

• Salon Essentials: Post the lock-down, sharing of products needs to be eliminated and the only solution for this is to opt for kits that are used just once. Be it waxing or facial, one-time-use products need to be used to maintain health and safety. Understanding this, SSS has designed and developed an array of salon disposables essentials, namely Facial/Bleach Essentials, Manicure/Pedicure Essentials, Waxing Essentials, Hair Cut Essentials, Hair Colour Essentials, Shaving Essentials, and Men’s All-in-1 Essentials. These salon essentials, which are single-use, disposable products, assist in maintaining a high level of hygiene at salons as there is no sharing of products between any clients.

• Safety Gear: Not knowing when normality will return is daunting, and the only way to survive the current scenario is to take every possible measure to stay safe and healthy. People have been advised to refrain from contact, and salons that depend heavily on human contact thus have to take adequate steps to ensure safe grooming sessions. The most important measure is to wear a mask and a face protective shield at all times. Face Protective Essentials by SSS have been designed in adherence to the latest industry standards.

• Reusable Safety-Ensuring Products: Not everything needs to be discarded after single use, few things can be washed and reused, such as masks and shoe covers. SSS has designed Professional Reusable Essentials for the salon staff to stay safe without burning a hole in the pocket. Besides, people don’t have to rush to the salon every day, there are certain things that they can do on their own; and for this, they can use SSS Personal Reusable Salon Essentials. These are available for both men and women who can groom themselves in the comfort of their homes.

These safety measures have become indispensable for salons to get back in business after being hit badly by weeks of lock-down due to the pandemic. And a visit to a salon post lock-down will show the seismic shift they have embraced in their operations to keep their clients and staff safe.