Ruth Swissa Offers Permanent Makeup Solutions as one of COVID-19 Coping Mechanisms

Women turn to permanent makeup during the pandemic.

Online PR News – 12-June-2020 – Beverly Hills – With unprecedented times affecting everyone around the world due to the coronavirus disease, women are turning to permanent makeup and skincare solutions such as microblading Beverly Hills residents have grown fond of.

With different levels of quarantine levels and rules on social distancing imposed in different states, and the need to wear protective masks to prevent the spread of the virus, this does not stop women from buying makeup products as a retail therapy and a way to cheer themselves up during these challenging times.

Makeup is used by women as a pick me up and sticking to their usual beauty skincare routines to stay sane even though most of the time has to be spent at home and the only socializing that is done is through video conference calls and grocery runs.

People are also opting for longer lasting makeup or more permanent solutions such as microblading, getting permanent eyebrows, eyeliners, and lip color to boost up their spirits without having to go over the top and spending too much especially that the pandemic has also affected spending habits.

According to a study conducted in Italy in 2017, makeup can improve confidence and mood. In the study, female students who wore makeup before taking an exam did better than those who opted not to apply makeup.

With this in mind, Ruth Swissa is more dedicated in offering an affordable option for women to help brave this pandemic through expert microblading services. Because of the anxiety and stress the coronavirus disease might bring, putting an extra effort by applying makeup can give a sense of happiness and help Beverly Hills women feel better about themselves. Microblading solutions will help half the job get done so that all that is left to do is to apply foundation (or not) some blush, and a nice top, and women are ready to take on the world’s challenges with confidence and grit.