Pharmascroll offers Social Media Analytics services for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare firms

Pharmascroll now offers Social Media Listening and Analytics services, based on patient/physician conversations across social media channels and patient forums

Online PR News – 11-June-2020 – Hyderabad, Telangana – Pharmascroll, a renowned Market Research and Business Consulting firm, has been offering research services to Healthcare and Pharmaceutical firms since over 3 years. Pharmascroll has published 70+ syndicated reports in multiple disease indications and has served 30+ market research clients in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare domain. The firm has catered to customers across Global markets including US, Europe and Asian countries. The firm currently offers research services in the areas of Market entry and Product roll out strategy, Disease Area Assessment and Strategy, Epidemiology assessments, Patient, Physician and Payer level Insights, Competitive Intelligence, Forecasting, Business Intelligence and Sales, Marketing and Product Analytics.

In addition to the customized Market Research services, Pharmascroll has started offering Social Media Listening and Analytics services, based on patient and physician conversations across social media channels and patient forums and blogs. Pharmascroll has access to millions to patient, physician and payer conversation across social media channels and patient/physician forums and can perform Quantitative assessments, Disease Landscape Assessments, Brand Perceptions analysis, create Detailed Patient Journeys and track competitive intelligence for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical firms.

“This is an exciting time for us. We are standing at a cusp of Digital revolution in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector. There are millions of conversations that happen between patients, physicians and payers for chronic disease indications. These conversations are currently untapped and we rely on Primary Market Research mostly, to get the stakeholder voice, which is a costly medium and covers very less sample size. In addition, the Covid situation further makes the Primary Market research process complex and increases the utility of Social Media Analytics Services. Pharmascroll, backed by its strength and success of research services and its strong functional expertise, would now offer robust and comprehensive insights to Pharmaceutical firms, based on traditional sources and social media sources.” said, Bhawna Gupta, Director, Pharmascroll.

About Pharmascroll:
Pharmascroll is a diligent business consulting and market research firm focused solely towards pharmaceutical markets. The company consults and researches in majorly chronic disease indications prevalent across the globe. The research conducted by Pharmascroll analysts is targeted to provide analytical and logical answers to the key business questions of the pharmaceutical and medical insights teams and to make better informed business decisions with the detailed relevant information available.