5 Hollywood celebritys, get fired from a very big TV show, for not making at home videos.

Online PR News – 11-June-2020 – Hollywood, California – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hollywood, CA

(Five) Hollywood Actors and (One) A-List Director have been fired from one of this seasons biggest projects. Actor(s): John Savage, John Barrymore, Duke Royce (Rose Royce band), Paul VanDevelder, (NY times Writer and Author) Director Tommy Bull, Roxane Almeida (Paris Hiltons Aunt) and Paris Hilton have all been fired from what promised to be one of the most succesfful TV shows in US History.

The Marilyn Monroe Family show, Hosted by: Marilyns Cousin “Million Monroe”, Is partnered with Howard Hughes- 1950s’- production company named: “California Pictures.” That Company is now owned by: Steven Istock, The “Executive Producer” of “The Marilyn Monroe TV Show”.

The Silver Screen Legend and Her cousin Million Monroe are gearing up for a sparkling, dazzling “Christian” , family, event, show, that pays tribute to not only the life of Marilyn Monroe but also her 5 Billion fans. It showcases and introduces new music, artists, fashion and people from all ethnicities and walks of life and even has games and surprises for fans and guests.

The above mentioned Actors and Director were hired prior to the covid 19 pandemic and all signed oral or written contracts. During the “Stay at Home” order. Each of them was simply asked to provide at home videos on their cellphones,-“introducing themselves.” At which point they changed their minds and none of them wanted to make those videos at home, stating it was “unprofessional” or not their caliber filming. and two of them even said the: “Illuminatti” wont let me do it because it’s a, Christian TV show.

In May 2020: (Three) Hollywood TV Channels & Productions expressed interest in the The exciting, Marilyn Monroe TV show, to the tune of 10 Million Dollars. But the Actors and Director decided instead, to “breach their contracts” and failed to send in videos. Not only did they breach contracts but violated the Presidents orders to work from home. Since they refused they are all terminated and now being sued for the losses of 10 Million Dollars plus future damages.
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