Story Behind Lucky Gupta Becomes Growth Hacker

Lucky A.K.A Lucky Gupta is a social media influencer, he is biggest influencer in Jodhpur city. He is 21 year old, he was born in 28 Dec.

Online PR News – 10-June-2020 – Jodhpur, Rajasthan – Day by day his passion being famous is increasing, to do something for create his presence on internet.

His journey was started when he joined his first company and started working as digital marketing experts, by that everything is changed in his life, he decided to earn their audience expect wanted them.

So with his one year job experience he wrote a book on him, titled "How i become a Growth Hacker"

When he published his book, it's become most rated book with 5 star ratings in his region. So he decided his career as a writer.
Currently he started writing books to help people with their problems, because he is a digital marketing expertise, he choosed his filed and start writing.

As i mentioned before he also known as influencer, because he always trying to spread awareness throw his social media platforms.

As google report Lucky Gupta was listed as no.1 influencer from Jodhpur, and currently he is most popular influencer from same region.

As his support he and his friend Rohit Nimbark started a Youtube Channel called Shri Balaji Studio, becomes first youtube channel who got their first silver button in town, recently as a report from sociaocialblade they've crossed 156K subscribers.

Also Lucky Gupta got featured in a wikipedia article.

As his writing habits his is also writing quotes, his recently written quote is
If you're with me in my bad time,
My good time will be yours.