Ingeniously Simple Device Enables Users to Change Their Own Behavior, Thinking and Habits

Behavioral Dynamics, Inc. has released the latest version of the device it developed to enable users to easily make changes in behavior, thinking and habits.

Online PR News – 10-June-2020 – Thief River Falls, Minnesota – Behavioral Dynamics, Inc. has released the latest version of the ingeniously simple device that for over three decades has been quietly helping people of all ages worldwide make desired changes in their own behavior, thinking and habits. The instrument-quality Gen 5 MotivAider incorporates expanded features and capabilities that bring the product’s benefits to an even broader base of users, which includes teachers, behavior change professionals, and individuals who are eager to make life-improving changes in their own behavior, thinking and habits.

The MotivAider is the brainchild of clinical psychologist, Dr. Steve Levinson, who readily admits that he never imagined the MotivAider would be used to make such a wide range of behavior changes.

"People use the MotivAider to increase personal and work effectiveness and productivity, to stick to a diet, to reduce stress, to achieve spiritual goals, and even to play better golf or tennis. They use it to eliminate all sorts of unwanted habits, such as teeth-grinding, nail-biting and poor posture. And there's a growing body of independent research that shows that the MotivAider is effective in helping children improve attention," says Levinson.

Powered by a single AA battery, the MotivAider is clipped to its user's waistband or carried in a pocket. It works privately using an ultra-quiet high-wobble vibration signal that's repeated at selected intervals to keep its user's attention focused on making virtually any desired change in behavior, thinking or habits..

“The MotivAider capitalizes on the mind's ability to associate meaning with a neutral stimulus,” Levinson explains. To use the device, users first select a word, phrase or image – a personal message – that will privately remind and motivate them to make the desired change. Then, by assigning the personal message to the MotivAider's unique vibration signal, they cause the vibration signal to essentially become the message. “The result, Levinson says, “Is that whenever users feel the MotivAider vibrate, they automatically think their message and are reminded and urged to make the desired change.

Users set the MotivAider to send vibration signals as often as necessary – at fixed, average or random intervals as often as once every few seconds – to keep their attention focused on making the desired change in behavior, thinking or habits. Once repetition makes the change a habit, users can use the MotivAider for the next desired change on their list.

The Gen 5 MotivAider is the result of over thirty years of experience and extensive research and development. It's available directly from Behavioral Dynamics, Inc. It sells for $64.50 with generous quantity discounts and special packages for schools and healthcare organizations. MotivAiders come with a three-year warranty, 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and free expert support.