Fresh Product at a Fraction of the Cost Delivered to Your Door

Fruit and veg suppliers are a key part of operations for FMD produce.

Online PR News – 10-June-2020 – Rocklea, Queensland – Based in Queensland, Australia, FMD produce is a company that offers fresh produce and fresh produce delivery to its clients around the state. Based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, FMD Produce works with a number of fresh fruit markets to ensure that its customers receive the absolute best fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. In addition to working closely with fresh fruit and veg wholesalers, FMD produce ensures that its delivery service to both commercial businesses and private households is carried out smoothly and effectively. This means that products arrive fresh and in good condition.

Fruit and veg suppliers are a key part of operations for FMD produce. This is why the company maintains great and close relationships with a number of different manufacturers and suppliers of produce, in order to ensure that their own customers have access to the best quality and freshest local produce at competitive prices. Having access to fresh wholesale produce is of key importance, especially to commercial customers like hotels, schools and other larger businesses. This is why FMD produce inspects the produce before it is eventually sold on to customers. By doing so, the quality of the produce is ensured by FMD produce, and customers can rest assured that their money is going to the finest fruit and veg that money can buy.

Supporting local wholesale produce and its manufacturers is something that many Australians hold dear. By acting as an intermediary and a link between households and produce manufacturers, FMD Produce works as an invaluable medium for both parties. This makes FMD Produce a key part of the local economy in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. In addition to providing jobs for many, FMD Produce ensures continued support for both the agricultural and hospitality sectors, which is something that many of its valued customers greatly appreciate.