Comtrade Financial provides update on Asian portfolio development

Comtrade Financial today released an updated in an investor conference in Tokyo providing additional information on the development of its Asian portfolio.

Online PR News – 09-June-2020 – TOKYO/CHIYODA-KU – A representative from Comtrade Financial commented on the update stating that while the current global economic environment is extremely volatile, Asian stocks are gradually improving and gaining value.

Comtrade Financial’s Chief Operating Officer commented on the Firm’s Asian portfolio saying “Compared to where we were pre-crisis, things have not changed a great deal. We were in a very strong position before COVID-19 and we are in a strong position now. The Asian market did originally take a big hit but now they are gradually rebounding.”

Comtrade Financial’s Chief Operating Officer also added “We have a very high exposure in China and therefore returns are going to be a little lower than the previous months. With China slowly returning back to normal, we are targeting Chinese tech industrial companies to lead the revival.”

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