A New Book That Brazenly But Eloquently Simplifies Human Struggles Into A Provacative But Easy Read

Sensum: A straightforward look at our personal and collective world responsibility and how we got to where we are today.

Online PR News – 15-June-2020 – Redmond, OR – Sensum is a new book launched today offering a simplified perspective to calm the panic and confusion of today’s world.

“Sensum is not a comfortable read. Its fire will not warm you like cozy socks, but will provide flames under the philosopher’s cauldron within you. Adams’ lens is practical, yet provocative–a call to raise the bar for individual and collective behavior and take directions from your heart.” —Pixie Lighthorse, Author of Goldmining the Shadows

What if we took confusing world ideas and broke them down into simple one-page chapters? This is Sensum.

“This book is to the point. It makes one think and act on what is, as opposed to what is pretended. A breath of fresh air.” —Jim Bay, Canyon Mountain Meditation Center

"Of this, I am certain—Life is confusing. So we ask, we dig. We wonder. We anguish. Then ask again. And the older we get, the more we realize how little we know. But are we asking the right questions? Exhausted, misled, and frightened, we contrive questionable ideas and biased thinking into our everyday life. Overly critical of ourselves and others, we argue to prove our side, while simple and enjoyable years pass us by. Sensum addresses the struggles of people from all walks of life and breaks down world noise into simple one-page chapters. Instead of fighting each other, let us fight off some of the convoluted misconceptions that have been plaguing us since the beginning of time."

Published in IngramSpark - Sensum can be ordered in paperback here: https://www.nradamsbooks.com. Contact Nadia at nradamsbooks@gmail.com.

Author Bio
N.R. Adams emigrated to the U.S. when she was a young teen. The author has resided in homes ranging from an apartment in L.A., a house in a remote town on a river in Oregon, a flat in Germany, and a tiny abode in the Balkans. She grew up among dirt floors and no running water while also having the privilege of attending private schools. Her unique background is also influenced by the dichotomy of being raised in a tough but loving environment where a combination of science and faith, under the same roof, was present in everyday life. Adams' education is in Anthropology, but her true interests are rooted in books and music. She believes that these two are not only vessels to greater change but necessary vices to ease the grit of everyday life. The author presently resides with her family in the Pacific North West.

Images by N.R. Adams ~ Book design by Sage Rankov

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