Holiday Swap is opening up a world of travel opportunities for disabled travelers

Holiday Swap, the global house swapping platform acquires Matching Houses, a disabled-friendly and accessible house swapping platform.

Online PR News – 09-June-2020 – London, City of London – Holiday Swap, the global house swapping platform that costs just $1 a night, is continuing to drive forward with their mission of making travel accessible for everyone with the acquisition of Matching Houses, a disabled-friendly and accessible house swapping platform.

Holiday Swap currently has over 400,000 users in 186 countries and hopes the acquisition of Matching Houses will increase it’s availability of accessible homes worldwide. Holiday Swap also aims to create a more inclusive travel community for everyone and expand horizons for disabled travelers, regardless of their disability. By revolutionising the largely neglected disability sector, disabled travelers will have increased opportunities to travel by swapping their home with someone who already lives in an accessible space. It removes the risk all disabled travelers face, turning up at an unsuitable hotel or rented accommodation.
Whether it's a physical disability or a visual impairment, finding accessible holidays disabled travelers can be difficult due to finding the right accommodation suited for specific needs. The industry is starting to adapt, however many companies are still failing to cater to the needs of the disabled traveller.

Matching Houses was founded by Theo Blackmore who describes where his inspiration came from “I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1993, since then I have found travelling more and more problematic. I had the idea for Matching Houses as an answer to the problem of finding fully accessible holiday accommodation for me as a wheelchair user. It seemed such a simple yet effective solution to the problem of finding accessible accommodation for disabled people. My wife and I experienced a couple of dreadful holidays where the travel agent had assured us that the accommodation was 'fully accessible', when we arrived to find I couldn't even get into the lift up to the bedroom! I couldn't believe something like Matching Houses didn't already exist” said Theo.

Whether it’s a staycation or a trip abroad, when people go on an accessible holiday, they need to know precisely what they are getting. As there is no international standard for accessibility, Holiday Swap's in app messaging function allows two users to chat directly about their specific requirements to ensure that the swap is suitable for all their needs.

James Asquith, CEO and founder of Holiday Swap, said “ Demand for accessible holidays is increasing, and with the global ageing population and the growing trend towards three-generation holidays, it’s important to increase the available travel options and make them accessible to all disabilities. Accessibility and disability will at some point affect us all and the need for more accessible travel is something we can’t ignore.”

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