Metamagics Computing granted patent for extracting unstructured data from complex documents

GridSenseTM, an enterprise grade data platform was built by Metamagics, leveraging its patented technology (Patent no 336766, granted by Government of India).

Online PR News – 08-June-2020 – Pune – Metamagics Computing Pvt. Ltd. granted patent for ‘A method and system of extracting unstructured data from complex composite documents into structured format’

GridSenseTM, an enterprise grade data platform was built by Metamagics (, leveraging its patented technology (Patent no 336766, granted by the Patent Office, Government of India). GridSense is a platform that makes it easy and effortless to harmonize, aggregate and analyse data at the point of action, by any user.
Organizations have a wide variety of data, stored in different places and available in different formats. It’s a complex task to make business decisions based on insights from disparate data. The GridSense patented technology helps businesses make better business decisions based on insights backed by intelligent data. It automates the entire spectrum of tasks to get data from different sources and is ready for analytics for business users. By putting structured data in the hands of decision makers, this technology makes it easy for business to make intelligent decisions.
The way GridSense transforms ad-hoc data is by
? Cognitive algorithms for data extraction from spatial context of the data
? Inference of schema from extracted data
? Automated ontology generation from the schema
? Transformation and storage into multiple formats RDBMS, OWL and NoSQL
? Semantic engine to deliver inferred insights

Metamagics has leveraged GridSense in building dedicated platforms for aggregating and analysing social sector data, applications for analysing consumer behaviour and optimizing performance of ad-hoc processes in an organization and generating score cards over tens of different parameters.

This patented technology is currently an integral part of Metamagics’ Healthcare offering – its patient registry platform and GridSense Health (, a platform for chronic care, with its first offering being organ transplant care.
It took Metamagics 25 talent years to build this path breaking technology. It has been validated against 6 industry verticals and 3000 distinct data sources representing many decades of operational data.

Metamagics Founder and CEO, Anita Kulkarni Puranik says - “GridSense has helped us cut down the time to launch analytics projects from several months to just a few weeks, and from large teams to a handful of technical people, as our data engine does all the heavy lifting, while users focus on ways to gain real insights from the data. For instance we launched a 10-year outcomes registry for liver transplant outcomes in a manner of 4 weeks, tracking hundreds of parameters covering 300 plus liver transplant centers in India.”