Unpack your life with LifeVitae – a Singaporean Start-Up Challenging the Traditional Resume

Singapore-based startup introduces a 21st century alternative to CV that allows users to produce human-centric and representative profile.

Online PR News – 07-June-2020 – Singapore – “I want to give people a voice, a voice to present themselves in a way which shows the world the journey they have traversed, rather than the grades they had, the schools they were from, or the organisations they had worked at. I want to give them the voice to speak about how tough their journeys were and how they’ve overcome every small or big challenge that has come their way.” – Priya Sengupta, Founder & CEO, LifeVitae.

LifeVitae is the 21st century alternative to the traditional resume/CV that grants a voice to individuals to showcase their most valuable assets - their life experiences and human skills. The fast-growing start-up helps individuals unpack their life and tell their story, and facilitates the scaling up of human potential.

LifeVitae re-designed their web-based platform featuring a new user interface that launched on 2nd June 2020, promising users a more engaging and seamless experience. Most importantly however, the new design allows users to create their profile in under 5 minutes and provides them immediate feedback on its look and feel as they progress through it.

Under the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) and PIXEL’s project-based coaching programme, the design team of ThinkPlace along with a gamification expert from Pentaquest, re-designed LifeVitae’s user experience, moving from a sometimes tedious form-style interface to a more interactive one, for its global clients across Singapore, India, Philippines and Indonesia.

What makes LifeVitae so different from other resume/CV platforms?

LifeVitae is a platform that enables individuals to showcase their human skills, derived from their life experiences and values, to the world. The platform uses a data science backed AI tool to generate a strength profile based on the information a user provides on the platform. Using this platform, individuals are able to tell a much more compelling story compared to the traditional curriculum vitae or resume, which merely outlines a person’s educational background, professional qualifications, and job titles.

Launched in early 2019, LifeVitae has been gaining popularity with educational institutions across Asia, especially those that understand the changing fabric of the future of education. It has been helping institutes enrich and track a student’s growth in their lifelong learning journey. LifeVitae also offers a unique proposition of matching its users to books, courses, and coaches based on their strength profile, a concept that is gaining popularity amongst MOOCs and e-learning platforms, to give their users a framework when faced with too many choices. One of the notable affiliations that LifeVitae has bagged recently is with Udemy, a well-known online learning platform with over 100,000 courses.

As part of their new design, ThinkPlace and Pentaquest introduced an array of features that are unlocked for an individual user in a gamified manner. One of those features is enabling a one-to-one chat function when the user reaches a certain level, providing them access to industry seniors who have been matched in a professional context using our proprietorial SimilarityScore algorithm.

“LifeVitae's systems allow us to more accurately match a candidate to our clients’ needs. It does this by helping to identify the soft skills and strengths from a candidate’s life experiences. Through the AI-powered, similarity tool we are also better able to see how a candidate will fit in with an existing team.” – Anthony Bowers, Founder & CEO of a BPO based in the Philippines.

LifeVitae has identified the gap of smaller start-ups not having the time and resources of facilitating talent development within their teams. In this regard, LifeVitae works in the space of workplace cohesion, team-building, as well as providing creative alternatives to the recruitment process. LifeVitae hopes to grow together with its clients, especially those employing gig workers, to champion a future that favours an inclusive and a human-talent driven emerging workforce, ready for the future of work.

Currently, LifeVitae is backed by NUS Enterprise, BLOCK71 Singapore and Enterprise Singapore. In the coming years, LifeVitae looks to staying true to its founding mission of enabling people with a voice to tell their unique story and standout by reducing the over-emphasis on grades or names of educational institutes.

“LifeVitae puts the fun in a CV. A standard CV is usually boring and time-consuming to make, while with LifeVitae, it is not only efficient time-wise, but it also produces something really dynamic and personalised, which is so important in this fast-moving world.” – A LifeVitae User