Denny Waxman’s 7 Tips On How To Avoid Stress Eating

Without the security of knowing if you are safe from the coronavirus throughout these unprecedented times, it is easy to stress eat.

Online PR News – 03-June-2020 – Philadelphia, PA – Stress eating is a coping mechanism. It is a way to suppress or calm negative emotions such as fear, boredom, loneliness and distress. It often leads to you eating unhealthy foods and eating more than usual. Unfortunately, this is not conducive to protecting one’s health. Stress eating may not seem harmful in the moment but can lead to damaging, long-term health deficits. Consequences include gaining weight, weakening the immune system and feeling sluggish – physically and mentally.

Stress eating may be at a peak right now with a world full of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, but Denny Waxman has you covered. Here are 7 tips on how to avoid stress eating and stay well during the global pandemic.

1. Get Good Sleep
Getting a good amount of sleep is essential to protecting your mental and physical health. By sleeping 7-8 hours, our brains can relax from stress and consolidate our memories from the day. Having a consistent sleep schedule allows our bodies to repair themselves and be in peak shape to fight off the coronavirus.
Remember, good sleep is going to bed at a decent hour and getting up early to start the day.

2. Stay Active and Go Outside
Staying active is proven to provide numerous positive health effects. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can improve your mood, energy levels, and immune system. Some activities may include walks, runs, yoga, aerobics, and swimming.
Going outside is also beneficial to our well-being. As it makes us feel energized and relaxed. If you are staying inside for an extended period, make it a daily goal to go outside, enjoy the fresh air, and take a break from artificial lighting.

3. Eat Healthy
Sticking to a clean, healthy diet, like macrobiotics, can reduce your potential of damaging health effects. Stress eating and consuming foods high in sugar and fat can put you at risk of developing physical health problems. Avoid or minimize foods such as meat, eggs, dairy products, refined sugars and processed foods. Instead, incorporate whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and naturally pickled and fermented foods into your diet.

4. Have an Eating Schedule
By sticking to an eating schedule, you can regulate your blood sugar levels. People who are inconsistent with their mealtimes are disrupting their body’s metabolization processes and may experience weight gain and decrease in energy. We recommend having breakfast by 8:30, lunch between 11-1, and dinner between 5-7:30.

5. Have Meals with No Distractions
With no distractions, meals are more enjoyable. Instead of laying down and watching a movie during dinner, sit up, and be thankful for the meal in front of you. While eating, appreciate the flavor of each bite, where the meal came from, and how it was prepared.

6. Shut Off Social Media and TV
The coronavirus is highly discussed and is bound to be on social media and TV programs. If the coronavirus is cultivating stress for you, it may be effective to keep technology use to a minimum.

7. Be in the Moment
Reducing the health effects of the coronavirus may be as simple as living in the moment and being present. By appreciating what is around you, you may find that even the littlest things can cultivate hope and happiness and decrease feelings of loneliness and worry.

If you should come down with the coronavirus or flu, contact a qualified macrobiotic counselor for guidance, in addition to seeking medical attention.

How Do I Schedule a Macrobiotic Counseling Session with Denny Waxman
- Call 215-271-1858 to schedule an appointment to see Denny Waxman in-person, Zoom or FaceTime. Each session is one hour long.
- Next fill out the health assessment online which will include a health history (birth place and date), present concerns, or any other questions you may have.
- Along with that you will also need to send a recent headshot (This is important for Denny to see your face and get a reading on your health and be able to give his recommendations)
- If meeting through FaceTime or Zoom, setup in a place with good wifi.