Locally owned Triad Lifestyle Medicine opened its doors in January 2020. Less than 2 months later, the world stopped spinning.

Online PR News – 02-June-2020 – High Point, NC – Locally owned Triad Lifestyle Medicine opened its doors in January 2020. Less than 2 months later, the world stopped spinning.

How does this affect a brand new business? Specifically, one that introduced a NEW healthcare concept?

“When we first opened, we had an influx of new patients,” shares Tiffany Allen, FNP-C, WHNP-BC, the medical provider at Triad Lifestyle Medicine. “There were many people who we personally knew were frustrated with conventional care and looking for a better option for personalized healthcare and they flocked to us immediately. But then, when the stay-at-home orders were issued, we literally went a whole month without obtaining any new patients. I think people were avoiding healthcare, which is a sad irony of this whole situation.”

Leah Hazelwood, who leads business development for Triad Lifestyle Medicine, explains, “We were able to hold many in-person seminars in our first several weeks of operating, which brought a lot of people into our clinic where they could see and feel the difference. We have a very intimate, relaxing space that is nothing like a conventional clinic. So being able to show that to people, and the word of mouth that followed, was a huge client acquisition strategy for us. However, with social distancing, we haven’t been able to hold those seminars in our space. While we have had them virtually, it just isn’t as impactful as a more interactive, collaborative class. It’s also been tough to get news of our new healthcare concept out there and not be drowned out by the intense current events we’ve faced.”

“We wouldn’t have been in the same place if we had waited to open until February or March,” says Hazelwood. “During the month of January, we were able to make several connections with other local health partners. We drove around High Point, Greensboro and Jamestown dropping in to meet yoga instructors, health foods stores, chiropractors, massage therapists and counselors. We held a referral partners open house. None of that would have been possible with the stay-at-home-orders. It made a big difference in our business that we made those connections before the pandemic affected the Triad.”

In the past month though, Triad Lifestyle Medicine has seen a resurgence of new patient interest. Allen says, “It is clear that preventative wellness is more important to people now than it has been in the past. We have had our biggest growth period to date. People want to be in their best health possible when faced with the next inevitable healthcare threat. Now that folks are ready to come out of their homes, I think they are attracted by a clinic that focuses on wellness, has no crowds and will spend the time necessary to help them actually become healthier. At Triad Lifestyle Medicine, I typically spend 60-90 minutes per appointment, and focus on solving health problems from the ground up, through long-term healthy changes and customized Wellness Plans … instead of just band-aiding the symptoms with a 15 minute appointment and a one-size fits all prescription. I think people are now realizing that if they want to be truly healthier, stronger, and feel better, they need more than medication ... they need information, empowerment, support, and personalized healthcare.”

“I am still confident that the Triad, which is a growing, forward-thinking community, will appreciate having a more modern approach to healthcare as an alternative to the standardized care we’ve become used to, “ says Hazelwood. “The challenge is finding ways to ease peoples’ concerns and inform them about the new healthcare option we’re offering. Many people are still wary of exposure risks at traditional, crowded healthcare facilities … so we have to show how we offer a unique health solution where they can put those worries at ease since we have no crowds, no walk in, and absolutely no patients with COVID-19 symptoms.”

Triad Lifestyle Medicine is the first Lifestyle Medicine clinic to open in High Point. While unique in many ways, the concept behind Lifestyle Medicine is similar to functional medicine, which has become more popular over the last few years in the Triad. Lifestyle Medicine is the use of nutritional counseling, physical activity recommendations, sleep improvement, stress and relationship management, and environmental changes for treatment, management and reversal of many chronic conditions and overall health improvement. This medical philosophy encourages the use of non-prescription solutions for many chronic conditions. Triad Lifestyle Medicine’s practice looks beyond visible symptoms, using specialized lab tests, longer patient appointments and more detailed health assessments to create a full, whole-person picture of the patient and a better understanding of the root causes of the health condition. This allows Allen to build customized Wellness Plans for treatment of the condition, followed by ongoing medical coaching and accountability.

The clinic offers free phone consultations, and regularly leads free seminars on a variety of topics from immune health to healthy cooking to women’s health and more.


Triad Lifestyle Medicine is a female-owned Lifestyle Medicine clinic in High Point, NC. The practice provides a whole-person approach to healthcare that assesses how all aspects of the patient’s life (nutrition, exercise, environment, social factors, sleep, stress) contribute to their wellness and chronic health conditions. Triad Lifestyle Medicine provides individualized wellness plans to help patients reach optimal health. By spending more time with patients, focusing on the entire lifestyle and digging deeper than conventional care, Triad Lifestyle Medicine is able to develop personalized lifestyle recommendations that focus on the root causes of a condition rather than only band-aiding symptoms with medication. Learn more at TriadLifestyleMedicine.com

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