Shalby Saves Lives Of Two With Organ Donation From A Brain Dead Patient

While organ donation is not considered as a good option by many people, some still take this step to help others.

Online PR News – 29-May-2020 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat – Organ donation is a simple process. Doctors transplant healthy and working organs of a brain dead patient to those who are in need. With this, they are able to save multiple lives with organs that were otherwise of no use. But this process requires either the patient’s consent, from when they were alive or their family’s consent after they are dead. So the doctors can’t perform the process on their own will.

Shalby saved two lives recently

Recently, a patient was found brain dead at Shalby’s SG unit in Ahmedabad. After the doctors informed the patient’s relatives, they decided to donate the patient’s organs for better use. Then Shalby doctors performed a successful transplant of the patient’s kidneys on a 50-year-old male patient, and the deceased’s liver was given to a 45-years-old female patient. They even retrieved the cornea of the patient and donated it to the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad.

Shalby’s transplantation history

ShalbyMultispeciality hospital has a successful transplantation history. The hospital had performed 122 kidney transplants, since when the transplantation program was first initiated in 2011. It came up with the Liver Transplant Program in 2019 and has done 11 liver transplants so far. With the highest success ratio of transplants, it has become one of the most preferred transplantation hospitals in Gujarat.

The problem of organ donation in India

Most of the people still hold back when it comes to organ donation. The most common reason for the same is the superstitions that are associated with organ donations. People themselves do not register for organ donations because they believe that it will affect their afterlives and rebirths. That is a total superstition and misconception. But this comes in the count when they have proper knowledge about what organ donation is. Moreover, several people out there don’t even know about organ donation and its benefits.

The third reason behind the low organ donation rate in India is the lack of the family’s consent. Organ donation is processed when the person is declared brain dead, and their organs are healthy enough to be transplanted. But when they are declared brain dead by the hospital, the family still hopes for them to revive because of their working heart. However, that is simply not possible, and the family refuses to accept that fact because of their love for the dead person.

Another reason comes from the hospital’s side. Some doctors lack the proper knowledge of brain death, and they often confuse it with coma. So they end up keeping the patient on the ventilator for the longest time possible. Even if the doctors have the proper knowledge, there are only 301 organ transplant centers in India, which leaves the doctors with less equipment and tools to utilize the organs.