Saving the worlds fresh water supply by 25% - Benefits of EcoSolv

Using Eco Solv technology, we are able to offer an inexpensive yet effective and natural solution to improve your yield while being sustainable.

Online PR News – 29-May-2020 – Australia – According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, food, water, sleep, and shelter are fundamental to life. Without these, it will be difficult to survive. Food and water, in particular, are crucial for our sustenance, and individuals around the world have managed to come up with innovative ways to produce more food and supply cleaner water. These are all possible of course, with the help of technology.

However, there is a downside to technology that places not just our natural environment but also our lives, at risk. Commercial pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, while effective ways of increasing yield, only have short term benefits. In contrast, both chemical pesticides and fertilizers can have long term effects that can damage the environment. Some pesticides can cause soil erosion and chemical fertilizers can harm the microbes in the soil as well as change its chemical composition.

At CITC, we work to provide environmentally-friendly solutions that are effective in producing better yields and at the same time improve efficiency in your operations. This is all done in the least amount of time and cost.

Eddy Sobczewski, owner of CITC explains,

“Using Eco Solv technology, we are able to offer an inexpensive yet effective and natural solution to improve crop yield while being sustainable. “

What Is Eco Solv Water Enhancer?

Eco Solv involves cutting edge technology that helps crops easily absorb more water. It is added to the existing water systems of farms and croplands. Through Eco Solv, farmers and producers can save up to 30 percent irrigation and a 25 percent reduction in the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Eco Solv can contribute to a 10 percent increase in crop yield. All this is done with 25 percent less energy consumption.

How Does Eco Solv Work?

Eco Solv restructures the water molecules into even smaller ones that are in clusters of six symmetrical molecular units. These molecular units form a hexagonal cluster that’s recognized by the plant’s cell and easily enters its way to the plant and its cell membranes. The hexagonal structure of the water molecule prevents it from carrying toxins and harmful chemicals resulting in a healthier yield.

Since the water molecules are restructured into smaller molecular units while carrying the same amount of minerals, the plant consumes lesser water without compromising on the number of nutrients it absorbs. In addition, the water’s smaller structure also breaks down the amount of sodium in the water. This desalinization helps in creating healthier plants, better crop yields, and ultimately, high-quality produce.

Further, these smaller molecules increase the crops’ water and nutrients absorption, enhances oxygen concentration, and increases the likelihood of seed germination.

Sobczewski adds,

“Since the use of fertilizers is reduced with Eco Solv, it improves the condition of the soil and further enhances crop uniformity. This way, yields are increased to more than 10 percent while keeping the quality of the crop. “

Finally, Eco Solv eliminates the scaling of minerals inside the pipes of existing water systems since it does not allow the bonding of minerals. This means, there is no mineral buildup inside the pipes that result in clogging, and excess water consumption.

Sustainable Agriculture With Eco Solv Water Enhancer

Sobczewski believes that there is no doubt sustainable methods of agriculture are more relevant than today. He mentions

“Our current situation entails the need for faster crop yields while keeping in mind its impacts on the environment. Sustainable agriculture methods such as Eco Solv contribute to the reduction of the usage of harmful commercial pesticides, enhancers and chemical fertilizers while being cost-effective. “

For more information about Eco Solv, reach out to us today at CITC.